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BMW 5 series Dash board pixels problem - Peter C

I have recently discovered that I am one of many 5 series (E39) owners with the dash board pixels disappearing after a short time. My car showed signs at 3 years old. Now it is 4 years old the on board computer is ilegible. New units are over £500.

BMW have been known to offer some good will out of warranty but not too much. In the USA they apparently replace free of charge.

The Watchdog programme on TV last night highlighted a similiar problem with Audi TTs and Audi are now giving free of charge replacement dash pods.

Any other 5 series owners out there with the problem please contact Watchdog and perhaps we can get a similiar result for BMW owners.


BMW 5 series Dash board pixels problem - Dude - {P}
I would suggest you also post this message on
as this is a known problem on the E39.

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