Annoying Knocking - Helen
My 1997 VW Golf TDI has developed an annoying knocking noise.
It appears to be coming from the underneath nearside rear. Occurring when the car is slow moving, travelling on an uneaven surfice.
This has appeared following a recent 40k service by a main dealer.
The dealer have had the vehicle back on two occasions, taking the petrol tank off and apart. They have not found the cause and do not have an answer to the problem.
Can anyone help?
Re: Annoying Knocking - Honest John
Exhaust against suspension. We had it with a Jetta. If a replacement exhaust rear section it twisted slightly or not properly hung it will bang against the suspension.

Re: Annoying Knocking - mm
thanks for that.

My tdi 115 has this problem and dealer has been incapable of sorting it out.

they had given up ontrying to find the cause.

at least this might give them a clue.

Re: Annoying Knocking - steve hw
Check that the fuel filter underneath the car has not worked loose, if the Tdi has one there.
It happened on my MkIII golf gti.
Re: Annoying Knocking - Colin
you are not alone!

Value my car