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I currently own a 98 S reg 318ti sport with a full BMW service history at 70600 miles. With a service 1 or 11 coming up fairly soon, I was hoping for some advice on whether it is worth keeping this up or whether a BMW specialist but non dealership service would maintain the value the same? Will I potentially loose money when I come to sell it if I dont keep up the dealership service history?

Any advice much appreciated.


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Not worth getting the main dealer stamps now, on an 8 year old car IMHO.
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agreed, get it down to a independent, but someone who will stamp the service book.
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This may be helpful

after opening the site - click on the link "Garage Guide" which gives a list (and BMW owners opinions/experiences) of BMW garages in your area. The list coveres both independent specialists and main dealers.

As others have pointed out, my opinion is that for an 8 year old car an independent BMW specialist will be perfectly adequate. Any future buyer will only want to know that the car has been properly serviced and most independents have a good local reputation amongst owners - they only survive by doing a good job as their customer base is private owners spending their own money where word of poor service or rip offs will soon be passed around.
The dealers of course have the captive market of cars under warranty,extended warranties,company cars, lease cars, and cars locked into 5 year servicing plans/schemes. Futhermore as a regular contributor (Aprilia) has mentioned several times - main dealer staff are often on a bonus scheme that rewards them for finding extra "work" that needs doing

The only advantage of staying with the dealer is that one might get some contribution towards an out of warranty problem if some component were to fail prematurely - but at 8 years old I would say the time for any BMW sympathy has long passed
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You won't get any BMW sympathy even at 3 years and 9 months as I found out when trying to get them to sort a paint defect.
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Many thanks to all who replied, espcially Jacks..

Much appreciated.


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