Oil Type - Corsa 1.4 (04) - IanJohnson
My daughter has a 1.4 Corsa (04 Reg) and I am about to start the suggested 6 month oil change regime suggested on here. Vauxhall can do the annual services and I will do intermediate changes for her.

On looking in the book it lists 10W-30 or 10W-40 and ACEA A3.

What is a reasonably priced oil for this - the car does 3-4k per year - yes I know she was crazy buying a new car but it was her decision.
Oil Type - Corsa 1.4 (04) - bimmer-driver
Comma recommend 5w40 fully synthetic so thats what goes in mine. It ain't cheap at about 27 quid for 5 litres but its got a timing chain so needs decent oil.
Oil Type - Corsa 1.4 (04) - Dynamic Dave
Personally I would just use Vauxhall's "own brand" semi synth, which is 10w/40.

I paid £3.28 for a litre bottle of it (for topping up) last June from a main agent. Buying it in a 5 litre container will work out cheaper than 5 separate litre bottles.

It's made to protect engines for 20,000 miles or 1yr, (whichever come sooner) between changes, so really doing a 6 month (1500 to 2000 miles) oil change is unnecessary, IMHO.
Oil Type - Corsa 1.4 (04) - prm
I agree with DD, i use VX's own 10-40 semi in my Vectra 2.0Dti and change it every 6-8000 mls cos its a chain cam engine too, just cos you have a chain you dont need the best oil out there, just as long as its changed regularly, and the oil from VX is £14 for 5 ( not 4½ ) litres.
Oil Type - Corsa 1.4 (04) - oilman
A decent 10w-40 semi that carries ACEA A3 is all you need.

There are plenty available at reasonable prices.

Oil Type - Corsa 1.4 (04) - IanJohnson
Vauxhall have quoted me £20 inc VAT (Stafford), will call in to Halfords on the way home and see what they have.

I assume I will get away with not changing the filter.
Oil Type - Corsa 1.4 (04) - Dynamic Dave
I assume I will get away with not changing the filter.

For the sake of approx £4, I would change it as well.
Oil Type - Corsa 1.4 (04) - Victorbox
With the Corsa's 20,000 mile or I believe now, 2 year service interval, if your daughter was doing 12,000 to 20,000 miles per year I could understand you doing an intermediate oil change, but you will be changing the oil every 1,500 to 2,000 miles. Unless she is doing nothing but sub-5 mile journeys I think this is a bit excessive. My wife's Corsa does the same annual mileage & I stick to the annual oil change during the dealer service where the Vauxhall dealer uses 10W-40 semi-synthetic oil. Admittedly her car does a lot of 20 to 30 mile round trips, but infrequently. If the car is doing nothing but very short journeys in town the handbook suggests you use a fully synthetic oil.


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