Volvo 340 with 1.7 Renault engine. E reg - peter
Has any one experience of intermittent fuel cut out problems? Possibly related to tight RH cornering eg Roundabouts or uphill use. It always restarts straight away.
I have tried obvious eg fuel tank level, fuel tank vacuum etc but nothing proven.

My next task is probably float chamber level adjustment but any easier suggestions first?

PS if you have ignition problems with this engine look for camshaft oil leak into distrib cap. I cannot understand why it ever ran at all! The inside of the distrib cap looked like an untouched oil breather separator after 120k miles. Solid Black sludge! I suspect the cap had never been off ever despite a service history.
Re: Volvo 340 with 1.7 Renault engine. E reg - Honest John
These engines suffer badly from damp distributors. So if the greasy old plastic bag over the distributor has split, you need a new one. Try a Renault dealer first, because your car has a Renault engine and Renault branded parts are usually cheaper than Volvo branded parts.

Re: Volvo 340 with 1.7 Renault engine. E reg - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Sorry, me again. You may have water in the bottom of the float chamber which rolls into the jets when cornering or going uphill. The oil getting into the distributor cap is forced past the seal because the breather system is blocked. It never was up to much and rarely gets cleaned, especially the small vacuum hose to the manifold.
Re: Volvo 340 with 1.7 Renault engine. E reg - Marcus
Suspect the fuel filler cap , if it has a breather that is blocked this could lead to the symptoms you describe

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