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ABS light on/off volvo 850 M plate - Editor
Morning All. Obviously not my week for cars. Whilst Golf is in garage I've been using my Dad's M plate volvo 850GLT 2.5 20v Only 40k miles on it & needed a good run anyhow, so check all fluids, tyres, bit of VAG fuel cleaner (thank you all) & then some optimax. When all warm put the box into sport & gone for the Italian Tune Up. Done about 200 miles on it. Sure ain't a T5, but pleasant enough.

Yesterday, after about 15 miles & over 50 mph the ABS light suddenly lit up. Hmmm. Check behind & apply brake progressively. Sure enough,lock up. Get to destination, park up & return some 15 mins later. This time no abs light. I haven't progressievly braked again, just in case I provoke the gremlin.

Now, do I need to worry?

No sign of any corrosion around ABS unit. Clean as a whistle in fact. Unit has 'Ate controller' written on it as well as '9401541 Volvo'. Made in the Phillipines.

Thank you all.
ABS light on/off volvo 850 M plate - adverse camber
there is a known problem with the volvo abs controllers. There are a couple of solder joints that fail where the wires go into the controller, try a search on the various volvo sites for instructions to fix. (replacement is expensive)

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