1995 214 alarm/immobiliser - dj67blue

My Rover 214 was not used for about 1 month and when i went to start it the battery was flat.
Itook the battery off to recharge it and now when i try to re-connect it the alarm triggers and will not stop with the keypod.
Any help with suggestions as i do not know what to do now??

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Rover 214 alarm/immobiliser - Civic8
What date is it,ie later smaller 200 or 96 and earlier old shape?.earlier models needed 5/6 presses of remote to reset
Rover 214 alarm/immobiliser - dj67blue
the car is a 1995 model on a 'm' reg
Rover 214 alarm/immobiliser - Doc
Have a look at this site under FAQ:

It should give you a lead.

Rover 214 alarm/immobiliser - dj67blue
Tried everything still wont work. Is there any way that you can disable the immobiliser and alarm permanently??
Rover 214 alarm/immobiliser - Civic8
Only if you have the EKA code,

As described www.remotekey.co.uk/EKA.htm It explains all
Rover 214 alarm/immobiliser - andrew b
have you tried unlocking and locking the drivers door this should reset the alarm system
Rover 214 alarm/immobiliser - Civic8
>>have you tried unlocking and locking the drivers door this should reset the alarm system

Should,but doesnt always work as man intended
Rover 214 alarm/immobiliser - dj67blue
anyone know where the alarm / immobliser control box is situated ? Tried looking in the Haynes manual but it does not tell you.
Rover 214 alarm/immobiliser - Editor
Really sorry to hear this, not in the least because the scorpion in my Golf did the same thing. OK, here's my 2d. I spent ages surfing, & actually tracked down scorpion & talked with the man who designed the alarm. He said it could be re-programmed if I sent the alarm box & transponder (key fobs) back to him. About £30. Alarm hidden underneath passenger side airbag-no idea about your Rover.

BUT, but, but, an old friend of mine who is a service manager for Audi tells me that they routinely rip out alarms from all older cars because they become unreliable. So, I did, but it's not simple & whilst I can read a circuit diagram & use a soldering iron I chose to have a specialist auto elecrician do it. Just as well-it had him thinking at points!

Couple of points. Renew battery in key fob-might work. Surf around the specialist sites-there may be a sequence for the unit to reacquire the codes. In my case there wasn't. It's very model specific-alarm model that is.

Try taking off batt again to allow reset. Really you've nothing to lose by trying various combinations.

Finally, & by the time I'd got around to thinking seriously about this I'd had it all ripped out, i did notice a small 3 pin socket in the side of the key fob. There was an identical socket in the base of the alarm box. Seemed to me that might allow communication. Nothing I could find of the web about this. Had I had the time I would have rigged up a set of leads of my own, or hard soldered them in & seen what happened!

Good luck-do post back if you solve it-you won't be the only one to have found themselves in this sit.

Ah, just remembered. Same thing happened to my girlfriend when I was away. Nice man from AA fixed it in the end, but alas I never found out how.


Rover 214 alarm/immobiliser - dj67blue
found the alarm / immobiliser control box and it is u/s. tried to get a replacement and cannot get one anywhere, does anybody know how to rewire the box so it disables the alarm and immobiliser?
Rover 214 alarm/immobiliser - dj67blue
the control box is buried underneath the dash at the right hand side of the instrument pod
Rover 214 alarm/immobiliser - carpro-fix-techy
Hi, i might be of help, im an alarm tehcnition and immobiliser spesialist. try diconnecting your negative terminal on your battery and removing the fuses for the alarm and then remove the positive terminal, then reconnect the fuses, and the reconnect the negavive on the battery but not the possitive, turn your ignition on in this state and hold it there for 5 seconds, turn it off and remove the key, shut the driver door (with you on the out side), reconnect the battery (the alarm might sound but it is normal) put the ignition key in the driver door and lock it 5 times and unlock it 5 times with the fob (if you dont know what button it is on the fob it is the right one) lock it once more with the key and if it worked when you unlock it with the fob it will stop (the alarm) and you can start the car, this shall dissarm the imobiliser untill you lock the car with the fob. this is garanteed to work but if you have a problem please let me know and i will take you through a veriation in the break code. do not reply to me via this site only phone me on (07807504239) (evenings are best) GOOD LUCK!!!!
Rover 214 alarm/immobiliser - normd2
on my 1993 214 simply locking/unlocking the driver's door once after a battery change turns the alarm off.
Rover 214 alarm/immobiliser - caroljohn22
Have now got the same problem as originally reported........have tried all that has been suggested......but still does not work.

Is it possible for a decent auto electrician to remove the alarm/immobiliser system to allow the car to be started and used.

We live in France now and it is difficult within our somewhat rural area to locate a specialist in car alarms......or a specialist auto electrician.
Rover 214 alarm/immobiliser - CeeKay
Along similar lines, is it possible to get the circuit diagrams for the key fob itself?

I've got a broken component on the key fob and I'd like to replace it but need to properly ident the component (think it's a capacitor of some sort but need to be sure).