1995 Fiesta Si 1.4 - loopyjen
What do you reckon the above car?

I've found one today with 44k on the clock for just over a grand (with alloys).

Does this sound like a decent buy? It's to replace my 1995 Fiesta Sapphire 1.1 which had 45,500 on it when it was written off 3 weeks ago...

1995 Fiesta Si 1.4 - bell boy
not a lot sorry it was an early zetec engine and you will find the insurance high,its also now an 11 year old ford if you shop carefully you will find a nice early mk4 for that money
1995 Fiesta Si 1.4 - MichaelR
It's an old Mk3 Fiesta, a design first shown in the 80's. Don't pay more than 500 quid for one, you can get a Mk4 for this money.
1995 Fiesta Si 1.4 - madf


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