3 Fords, but which one? - y2k+4
With January sales impending, and the Celica playing up (yes - a Toyota that's broke!) Mum's beginning to get to the idea of a newer car. Choices? Well with the fun handled by the Celica (which she may keep or replace with an MR2) she's after a commuting car - and one that can handle well (back-roads abound) and one that's economical, and with their new place in Spain, one with a huge boot. So here's the thing...

I suggested (as a Focus owner) an old-shape Focus 1.8 TDCi Ghia estate with all the bits, one of the last (05) - £9k. But then I realised that for a little bit more (£1k-2k) you can have an 05 Mondeo TDCi 130 for that, or even a Focus C-MAX 1.6/2.0 TDCi. The question is, which would you have, given the need to carry stuff and go around corners? Which is the better long-term proposition?
3 Fords, but which one? - jc
Got to be a Mondeo wagon.
3 Fords, but which one? - Stuartli
My son has an 03 Focus TDCI Zetec and absolutely loves its ride, handling, performance and economy - apart, that is, from it proving somewhat noisy on long runs.
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3 Fords, but which one? - barchettaman
Late Astra G estate for 4k, spend the rest on Chianti at her Spanish estate....?
Not a huge amount to choose between the Focus and the Astra, but a big differnece on price. *Maybe* worth a look.
I admit to a certain bias, being very happy with my 1.8CDX Astra estate.

Sorry, overdid the Bowmore.
3 Fords, but which one? - y2k+4
Hatred of the Astra diesels ruled it out - we tried one when I was searching for my Focus...
3 Fords, but which one? - barchettaman
Fair enough. I´ll just have to drink the Chianti then.
3 Fords, but which one? - Quinny100
Having owned both a Focus and a Mondeo, I would say go for the Mondeo. Its a far more accomplished car - much nicer to drive any distance and it has much more space. The boot on the old Focus is pretty small as well which may be an issue.

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