Uninformative Owner's Manuals - Manatee
Having just picked up a new car I resolved to RTFM as soon as possible so as not to miss anything. I had almost lost the will to live after 70 pages on seat belts and airbags, ditto 11 pages on how to change a wheel, but the really interesting stuff like how 'Vehicle Stability Assist' works is glossed over in 3 pages (which can be summarised as "leave it switched on".

I guess they are covering the user operation (fair enough) and product liability angles, but I really would like some more info - on VSA for example, which wheels are braked and under what circumstances (it says not all of the braking system is under VSA control, whatever that means), and when might I want to turn it off? (it tells me I can but not why I might want to). There's a light that flashes if "unsuitable fuel" is used - I would like to know if it would operate should somebody put petrol in by mistake (which it says "may cause serious damage"), but of course that information is far too interesting to be included.

This is for a diesel CR-V - do all manuals now include the minimum information in the maximum number of pages, or is it just Honda?
Uninformative Owner's Manuals - mare
Think yourself lucky. I can't even decipher how to change the clock, which is still on BST. As for the computer, no instructions at all.

Citroen C3 BTW
Uninformative Owner's Manuals - Falkirk Bairn
With most cars the manuals you cover the 1.4L to the 2.5GLX, Manual,auto & semi-auto, covers LHD & RHD, AC, Climate Control and possibly 2 or more Languages.

The car on the assembly line has a build specification in the computer. Extracting that info and printing a unique Manual for the specific car is not beyond the realms of reality what with special pre-printed /punched paper and colour laser this should be achieveable.

A 50 page relevent manual rather than 150 pages where you are unsure if you should be reading Pages 50-54 or 55-58 as you do not know what your car actually has.

Benefit to the manufacturer is less paper and happier customers -throw in a CD copy of the manual with the paper manual in case it gets lost at the garage.
Uninformative Owner's Manuals - IanJohnson
After the first 1 1/2 lines I thought "it must be a Honda"

From experience Honda are the worst, When I got my accord I did wonder if I was looking in the right book! And it is all in English!
Uninformative Owner's Manuals - mss1tw
The manual I got doesn't even have the HDi engine listed in it!
Uninformative Owner's Manuals - codefarm
You should read the manual in my Chrysler Pacifica - most of the content is there at the urging of liability lawyers! "Warning: spinning wheels are dangerous" etc. Wow, you don't say!
Uninformative Owner's Manuals - AlastairW
I used to have a 306.
A red light came on on the dash with a water type symbol on it. Check the manual - no such light! Left it til next service (few weeks) turned out to a low water warning indicating the beginning of the end for the radiator.
A colleague had exactly the same experience with a 406.
Uninformative Owner's Manuals - JH
There are some great graphics on the dashboard lights. My favourite is the exploding engine. Can't rememebr what it means but I seem to recall it doesn't warrant a picture of an exploding engine. I would definitely pull over though if it came on. How about ditching them all and having a voice tell you when something needs attention?
Uninformative Owner's Manuals - Frogeye
Peugeot speak another language, in my 406 manual the pages referenced in the index bear no relation to the manual. For example, look up "resetting service indicator", index says pages 108,109. Pages 131/132 give the information. Many other instances occur.
Uninformative Owner's Manuals - mfarrow
Indexing in manuals seems to be just as bad. I was looking at how to change the intermittant wiper setting in the Fiesta. Nothing in the index under: 'W' for Windscreen wipers, 'S' for Screen wipers, 'I' for Intermittant wipers, nor 'F' for Front wipers. I eventually found it in the main text, but it took me a while of searching through the index to find wipers as a sub-heading under 'D' for Driver controls!

Mike Farrow
Uninformative Owner's Manuals - Happy Blue!
They give your lots of irrelevant detail as to the model number of the engine (e.g. XYUGT65DYU) but then no information about hidden menu items on trip computers etc. Pointless.
Espada III - well if you have a family and need a Lamborghini, what else do you drive?
Uninformative Owner's Manuals - DrS
Steady on, boys, or that humourless computer service technician will be calling to kick you in the larynx!

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