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VW Golf Bonnet release cable snapped - MarkTT
Hello all

I have an S reg 1998 VW golf and this morning i went out to open the bonnet and the cable snapped. I have stipped out the handle inside the car, this is fine but the whole cable pulls through the bulkhead. I guess the cable has snapped on the bonnet catch itself. Problem is, i cant open the bonnet to replace it. Does anyone have any ideas how to open it without using the cable???

VW Golf Bonnet release cable snapped - Roger Jones
I've just checked my VR6 manual, but there's nothing helpful. If someone here doesn't have an answer, ask a friendly independent VW specialist. Even if you don't give him this repair job, you might give him other jobs in future.
VW Golf Bonnet release cable snapped - steveo3002
i doubt theres an easy way!!

on the older ones you can pop out the badge and use a bent screwdriver to unlatch the catch, id imagine the later cars have a sheild to prevent that, you may be able to prise that away with minimal damage

ive also got at the catch from underneath, you may need to remove alot of splash gaurds to get anywhere...then use a really long screwdriver to unlatch it

its not going to be easy , if it was thiefs could pop the bonnet and disable alarms

you also ask on the forums at

VW Golf Bonnet release cable snapped - MarkTT
Thanks steveo3002. I removed the splash gaurds and got to the catch no problem. I hate to say it but it was all rather easy once you know how

thanks again

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