Courtesy Car after write-off - Wally Zebon
A colleague of mine had her '02 Peugeot 206 catch fire last night and its now a write-off.

She contacted her insurance company who are refusing to give her a courtesy car as it was "mechanical failure" that caused the write-off rather than an accident.

Is this standard practice?

She only had the car (second hand) for a month.
Courtesy Car after write-off - bell boy
i would be interested to hear where it started?

think she needs to put her foot down with insurance company as most would cover it no problems
Courtesy Car after write-off - Armitage Shanks {p}
I have a feeling that some insurers only give you a courtesy car while your car being repaired after an accident. If it is a write off they pay out and you buy a new car = courtesy car not required and not supplied.
Courtesy Car after write-off - waggy
Are the IC refusing the whole claim or just the curtesy car? The policy may exclude electical or mechanical breakdown and they would pay for the failed component but should still meet the resultant damage.

A curtesy car would be supplied by the repairer. If a total loss there is no repairer to stand the cost
Courtesy Car after write-off - waggy
Sorry. Should read "...would not pay for the failed component"
Courtesy Car after write-off - Red Baron
Only had the car for a month.

What was the cause of the fire?

Where did your colleague buy the 206 from. If a dealer, did it have a 3-month or more warranty.

If a private seller, may still have recourse if the cause of the fire can be shown to have existed prior to your colleague owning the 206.

Courtesy Car after write-off - jdc
Courtesy Cars following total loss situation are usually provided for a 14-day period only. Same usually applies for theft off.

If they are provided following repairable damages, the is for the duration of the repairs.

Courtesy Car after write-off - Hugo {P}
Each policy is different. The lady needs to check with the wording on the policy.

My Van insurance does not cover supply of a courtesy van in the event of an accident at all. But the dealer I took it to last year were kind enough to lend me FOC a demonstrater van for 10 days!

All I had to do was to swap the insurance, making sure of course that my van would be fully covered under their insurance.

Some insurers provide a CC for a period of time regardless of the cause of write off, others simply do it whilst they're repairing yours, or waiting for it to be assessed. Hence often the phone call "Your car is being written off We'll send you a cheque but you now have to hand back or fund the CC from now on."

Courtesy Car after write-off - kippax1966
My wife crashed our car last year, and we received a courtesy car for 5 days whilst they decided whether it was a write off or not - no charge or insurance issues. Once it was decided it was written off, they took it away. Only problem was that the replacement for our spacious Mitsubishi Galant 2.5 V6 estate was a Fiat Siecento......
Courtesy Car after write-off - hjd
I also got a Seicento (for my 306) and had to hand it back because it was too small - I literally could not drive it without excruciating pain in my knees because my legs were too long to fit in.
Courtesy Car after write-off - smokie
I recently renewed insurance with Direct Line and paid an additional £15ish pa for guaranteed courtesy car for up to 14 days.
Courtesy Car after write-off - No FM2R
>>for guaranteed courtesy car for up to 14 days.

In the event of what ? You should check.

Its not always the same, and its not always obvious.
Courtesy Car after write-off - Bromptonaut
Post accident courtesy cars are often provided by the repairer, and the insurer may also have the prospect of recovering the cost if the other party was at fault.

I'd expect some provision for a hire car on write off on a good fully comp policy though.
Courtesy Car after write-off - Dynamic Dave
>>for guaranteed courtesy car for up to 14 days.
In the event of what ? You should check.

WRT Direct Line:-

What is covered
If your car is damaged as a result of an accident, fire or theft, or if it is stolen and not recovered, we will give you a hire car as long as the loss takes place on the UK mainland and is covered by section B or C of your policy. We will also arrange for the hire car to be delivered to and collected from your home address shown on the schedule, or to any other place that is no further away. The hire car should keep you mobile and it is not intended to be like for like with your own car in terms of its size, type, value or status.

As long as you do not use the hire car after the hire period has ended, you may use the hire car:
? while your car is off the road;
? while your car is with a motor vehicle repairer; or
? for up to three days after payment has been issued to you to settle your claim.

What is not covered
We will not provide you with a hire car if you are only claiming for windscreen or glass damage.
Courtesy Car after write-off - Bill Payer
Did the same for my Daughter with Admiral.
Courtesy cars are usually provided by the repairer, so if the cars not in for repair then you won't get a courtesy car.


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