driving to europe without full V5 - nutty_nissan
Let's suppose I have recently bought a car, waiting for the new V5 to arrive in the post, but in the meantime, I want to drive to France for the weekend.

Do I need a full V5 document when driving to Europe?
driving to europe without full V5 - Armitage Shanks {p}
It is a legal requirement but I have never been asked for it during several trips to the Continent. That said I have never been stopped and asked for anything!
driving to europe without full V5 - Mike H
I've never been asked to produce anything in 25 years of driving abroad. Always a first time I suppose but I wouldn't sweat too much.
driving to europe without full V5 - Harmattan
Been asked and answered not long ago. You go to your local DVLA office and pay, from memory, £3 for a temporary export document which is an acceptable legal substitution for the full V5. Just watch out that they don't mix the temporary export document up with the permanent export document which they nearly got away with when I did it. No doubt document numbers and full details are on the DVLA website if not in the previous thread.
driving to europe without full V5 - nutty_nissan
driving to europe without full V5 - Collos25
V5 essential if asked for docs,car empounded till available worst case scenario.
driving to europe without full V5 - NickS
I drove an Audi A4 back from Malaga in the summer for my girlfriends dad, stopped on the French/Spanish border and had car searched with Sniffer dogs etc (i guess 2 young blokes in an audi, coming from Malaga might look a bit suspect!). Then again at the first toll stop (the french policeman was more worried about me driving in flip flops than anything else!)Asked to provide documents both times. The car was exported 4yrs ago and the V5 went AWOL somewhere between Preston and Spain, so all i had was the green part from when the car was originally purchased. It was insured under his company fleet policy (so my name did not appear on anything relating directly to the car-stupid with hind sight!) Somehow mangaged to blag our way out of it though, and stuck to speed limits etc religiously all the way through France! They can be pretty intimidating, so i would reccommend having all the required docs readily available!!

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