when to dispose of a car ? - oldpostie
My son runs a P-reg Vauxhall Astra 1.6, which is getting a bit tired. It has been in various hands in the family, and had a new engine 18 months ago. However, he estimates that it will cost £200 or so to pass its MOT at the end of this month, as it needs a new wheel, two tyres, windscreen, a mirror, and a headlight dipper switch. No doubt the car is worth very little. It runs well but looks shabby. He doesn't have much cash to spare, having young children, but I wonder if it is worth keeping any longer.
Any thoughts ?
when to dispose of a car ? - Villaman
May as well keep it another year as £200 is still cheaper than changing to something new.
Might be worth doing some damage to the windscreen and then claiming on insurance via Autoglass.

when to dispose of a car ? - Steptoe
If he can wield a spanner, wheel, mirror, and switch can be sourced from a scrappie at little cost, lots of them in the yards. For only £200, better the devil you know....!

Personally I would take it for a MOT first, before making a decision or spending any money; there may well be an additional unpleasant surprise lying in wait, then only £48(?) out of pocket.

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when to dispose of a car ? - Truckosaurus
Like the other people have said, pretty much any car for sale at the cheap end of the market will need money spending on it, either immediately or within the first year, especially as most of the £200 bill will be for the tyres.
when to dispose of a car ? - smokie
Similar dilemma here. The Fiesta has been in the family for years (M reg) but is currently going in each week for something - usually seems to be £80, and I have just block booked it with the mechanic for Thursdays for the rest of the month, as he's had it for the last two, and it's back in again today (alternator) :-)

It's a sound little car with a thirst for oil. New driver is driving it, she'd really like a Corsa like what she learnt in. 05 reg, all the whistles and bells. Yeah right.

Choice is to keep pouring money (and oil) into Fiesta, which I know has a lot of new parts, or swap it for something around (maybe) £700 - £1000 mark, which may come with a whole new raft of problems (or even the same ones we've already experienced).

As she'll be off to Uni next year (hopefully) I've told her that the Fiesta has to stay...


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