Damn Galaxy problems again! BRAKES! - volvos60T5SE
Hi there, I have a 2004 reg Ford galaxy TDi PD 130, two weeks ago it had its 40,000 mile service. I was driving it the other day, and i had to apply the brakes full on. As soon as i did this, the car beeped thre times at me and the brake system warning light started flashing, then went out after flashing for about a minute and then stopped. It has now done this dunring heavy braking ever since! i am wondering whether it is the fluid level??? I really am considering getting rid of the thing, as its just one problem after the other. any help would be appreciated Thanks!
Damn Galaxy problems again! BRAKES! - volvos60T5SE
i forgot to mention that the clutch is becoming less effective aswel, i was wondering if the problems could be linked, because they are supplied from the same resevior?????
Damn Galaxy problems again! BRAKES! - Aprilia
Sounds like ABS problem - should be under warranty, so get a dealer to do diagnostics. Clutch wouldn't get weak - it would do the opposite and fail to disengage properly ('drag').

Think about subscribing to Which? magazine before buying your next car. They correctly note that the Galaxy is somewhat bedevilled by faults. Mate of mine had all the 'soft feel' rubber trim peeling (inc steering wheel plastic) at about 2 year, 40k miles. They sent the 'regional engineer' to look at it and he decided it wasn't covered by warranty, but was 'wear and tear'....
Damn Galaxy problems again! BRAKES! - Red Baron

I'm not familiar with the Galaxy, but on my Alfa the same reservoir of oil supplies the brakes and the clutch slave cylinder. The slave cylinder seal was weeping oil and this lead to the red "brake engaged" light appearing on the dashboard. Initially this only happened during brakeing or cornering, but eventually all the time as the level dropped low enough.

New slave cylinder solved the problem.
Damn Galaxy problems again! BRAKES! - jc
Just remember it's a VW with a Ford badge.Brakes are a VW part not Ford responsibilty.
Damn Galaxy problems again! BRAKES! - jc
As are the trim and the clutch.

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