2001 mondeo tddi problem - claireclk
can any one advise or help, i have a 2001 mondeo tddi with 173,000 ( its a taxi ) after being in traffic or continious driving my car starts to jerk and lose power, this then clears itself for about another 10 miles then cuts out, it will start up again but seems like its misfiring as i try to pull away, have had a new lift fuel pump fitted 25k miles ago and have been told there is no way this is causing the problem, the injectors are fine as is the main diesel pump, would be grateful of any suggestions
2001 mondeo tddi problem - Quinny100
Throttle position sensor can be a problem on these and causes cutting out and poor running. Might be worth a try.
2001 mondeo tddi problem - claireclk
thankyou very much, ill phone the garage tomorrow as its stuck there and they are baffled

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