Sporty Coupe - Darcy Kitchin
I fear that Madame at age ## has had a rush of blood to the head. In a few weeks the Golf that she isn't really entitled to but is driving anyway is due to go back to the leasing company. It's kept the tyres from flat-spotting, the brake discs clean and the battery charged. I was hoping to reintroduce her to the diesel AX which I am driving, but even when I suggested upgrading it to a diesel Saxo or Xsara HDi or something that I would call "sensible and economical", she fixed me with a gimlet glare that I rightly interpreted as "no way on God's earth am I going to go back to the AX after using the Golf". Call me telepathic ...
She announced firmly that her next car will be "sporty". After close questioning and much initial disbelief then hilarity from the rest of the family this lunchtime, "sporty" apparently means 2 doors, but able to seat our 13-year old and his 5-year old brother in the back, and emphatically not a hatchback. A cruise through the car-by-car breakdown and some other car sites has suggested a Puma, a Tigra or a Hyundai Coupe, to a budget of £10K. Showed Madame a picture of a Xsara coupe and got that stare again, so it won't be a Citroen.

Any other suggestions? Big shock to the system the thought of buying non-Citroen, so I'm off to the pub to recover and hope the backroom will have it all sorted for me by the time I've downed a couple of pints of Black Sheep.

Re: Sporty Coupe - Moosh
Would a TDI Seat Leon be sporting enough ?
Re: Sporty Coupe - Guy Lacey
Peugeot 106 Rallye/XSI/diesel variant?

Pug 306 DT 3-door?

Saxo VTR/VTS?!!!

Lupo GTI?

Re: Sporty Coupe - sam
honda crx of appropriate age and condition ?
Re: Sporty Coupe - Slartibartfast
Buy her a Puma, trust me, when she's fast asleep you can take it out, just to run the Air Con and keep the cat warm you understand. Cracking little motor. Had to go to B&Q today 18 mile round trip, SWMBO "taking my car dear....?"
Re: Sporty Coupe - John S
BMW Compact/ Coupe?

Re: Sporty Coupe - David W
Citroen BX GTi 4x4 with the read doors firmly locked??

From that world rally winning company darling!

Re: Sporty Coupe - David W
Now Mark would be asking for a **** button.

Re: Sporty Coupe - Dan J
You could try p/exing the wife for something a little more economical and with less frequent maintenance intervals... :o)

Re: Sporty Coupe - ian (cape town)
Dan J wrote:
> You could try p/exing the wife for something a little more
> economical and with less frequent maintenance intervals... :o)
> Dan

Nasty, very nasty.
However, if she's hard to get started on a cold morning, has sagging suspension, and a big end problem, then a trade-in could be an idea. ;)
Re: Sporty Coupe - Dan J
I had to trade my last in very quickly when she blew a gasket. Nasty experience...
Re: Sporty Coupe - Neil

Seat Ibiza TDI - coming soon.

VW Lupo GTI.

The Puma, though, looks the most stylish and should always be popular.
Re: Sporty Coupe - Darcy Kitchin
Thanks for your kind suggestions and recommendations

Dan J and Ian - Madame sometimes reads Backroom stuff so I put on record that I only intend to change the car.

David - I never knew how much you cared.

If it ever comes to pass, I'll let you all know.
Rover 220 Tomcat. - Dave
You know it makes sense!

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