'98 Cooper 1.3i engine dead £800 quoted! - swin

Hello, I hope someone will be able to help me.

On wednesday night I was stuck in severe weather, in Birmingham City Centre(!), I drove through lots of puddles and was sitting stationary for long periods of time.

After not going anywhere for a good while, I notticed my engine temperature start to go up, it got to about 3/4 (it usually sits just below half way) and turned the engine off. About 2 minutes later, when the traffic started to move again I tried to restart the engine but got absolutley nothing when I turned the key.

The lights work, the lights on the dash come on but absolutely nothing happens on the final twist.

Has anyone got ANY idea what the problem may be? It is currently at a Ford dealership (nearest garage to me when I broke down) and the're only offering is that my engine management system might need replacing and that will cost £800!!

Please please please help me, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I am interested in cars but am no means a 'hands on' person.

Thanks for your help in advance.

'98 Cooper 1.3i engine dead £800 quoted! - Adam {P}
Pure guess but could you have taken water in via the exhaust pipe? That wrecks an engine. Having said that, I always thought that the engine would stop itself rather than overheat.

The temperature rising could possibly be down to the nature of stopping and starting in heavy traffic?

Someone will be along who knows more.

Good Luck,

'98 Cooper 1.3i engine dead £800 quoted! - swin
Thanks Adam but I don't think it was the exhaust route - I was in heavy rain but hadn't been through any puddles for a good few miles and when I did go though I kept the throttle on.

Someone PLEASE help!!!
'98 Cooper 1.3i engine dead £800 quoted! - spikeyhead {p}
It could be:-

Water in the electrics.

Seized angine caused by the overheating.

Does the starter motor try and do anything when you turn the key? You should be able to ehar the clunk of the solenoid engaging when you try and start the engine.

If I were you, I'd get it towed to a good independant for a better opinion than the Ford garage will give you. If you don't know one, go into any backstreet pub in the area at lunchtime and ask round, someone will always know.

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'98 Cooper 1.3i engine dead £800 quoted! - swin

Absolutely nothing happens! I turned the key and no mechanical noise is heard, it's like the immobilisor isn't turned off but the immobilisor fob stops the alarm light flashing so I assume this is ok . .

Any thoughts would be great - anyone know of any good independants in Birmingham???

'98 Cooper 1.3i engine dead £800 quoted! - dylan
Presumably the garage checked the starter motor? Symptoms match the two dead starter motors I've encountered (as well as many other problems, of course)
'98 Cooper 1.3i engine dead £800 quoted! - Civic8
I should have asked this before,is everything else working ok.Apart from starter not working?
'98 Cooper 1.3i engine dead £800 quoted! - Chas{P}

You took the car to a Ford dealership. Although your car, a Mini Classic Cooper, isn't complicated the average Ford grease monkey won't have a clue. They struggle on their own brand let alone any other make in my experience mystery shopping them.

Your problem could be a simple electrical one and the best way forward would be to get the car uplifted to a trusted garage that is competent with Minis. In my experience, having owned several Minis myself, a lot of mechanics cannot be bothered with them. Fortunately, apart from MOT's, I did all the maintenance work myself and found most things straightforward.


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'98 Cooper 1.3i engine dead £800 quoted! - Civic8
Can the engine be turned over using a socket/spanner on the crankshaft pulley bolt,if it can it will not be siezed,if it will not,by that I mean will not turn at all,it will be siezed up.but if it turns but stops but is able to reverse probably the pistons hitting the valves
'98 Cooper 1.3i engine dead £800 quoted! - Huw
Is there a starter motor fuse on a 98 mini?

My old nova let me down twice in 16 years - the first time was the smaller wire to the starter motor had come off and the second was the earth strop from engine to body had failed. On both occasions the starter seemed 100% dead and the fix was less than £5.
'98 Cooper 1.3i engine dead £800 quoted! - swin

Hi, I'm having the car moved to a specialist mini restorer and repairer today. If he doesn't know what's wrong I think I'm in real trouble.

Thank you very much to everyone that has responded to my post, I'll post again when he has managed to diagnose the problem to see if his estimate is taking the mickey! He's charging me £25 for the pickup to his garage and I think that's reasonable!

Thanks again.

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