Peugeot 306TD 98-Clicking noise,wiring? - mattbuttery

Recently a noise has started in under the steering wheel, its similar to the noise the indicators make, although it clicks on and off for no apparent reason.

Was wondering if this could be an earthing issue? I thought that it might be the indicators flashing randomly though when the noise occurs at night I cant see the indicators flashing? Noise only happens when the car is moving to.

Any Ideas, ive had a search through the forums and cant find any previous posts,
Peugeot 306TD 98-Clicking noise,wiring? - sp30
hi, sounds like a rob i had with a golf once, traced it to a noisy,yet functional relay . i turned up my radio and it went away, but your car sounds newer, so perhaps check the relays and replace offending article. i may be wrong though!!!

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Peugeot 306TD 98-Clicking noise,wiring? - thomp1983
next to the fusebox there are a few relays, just have a listen to them when the noise is occuring one of them is probably on it's way out

Peugeot 306TD 98-Clicking noise,wiring? - elekie&a/c doctor
This could well be a faulty indicator stalk,causing the flasher unit to trigger slightly but not enough to light the lamps.Common problem on Peugeot/ Citroen variants that use the same stalk.
Peugeot 306TD 98-Clicking noise,wiring? - mjm
I had this fault on the Xantia, the clicking would last for a couple of seconds, or until the stalk was moved again. I pulled the shield which covers the stalk out of the way, gave the switch a good dose of WD40, and the clicking stopped. It's been ok for about a year, now.
Peugeot 306TD 98-Clicking noise,wiring? - mattbuttery
So you dont need to take the cover of the underside of the steering wheel. Just pull the bit of plastic out of the way?
Will give it a go this weekend.
Peugeot 306TD 98-Clicking noise,wiring? - mjm
No, you don't.

On the Xantia there is a piece of "rubber" sheet which moves with the indicator stalk to keep the hole in the steering wheel shroud covered. I managed to carefully "bend" this to one side with a thin screwdriver and "wangle" the thin plastic pipe on the spraycan somewhere adjacent to the switch and give it a generous dose!

It worked on mine, I hope you have the same luck.

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