New Octavia 4x4 tdi - Any experience? - WipeOut
Hi I'm looking to replace my current Volvo S60 D5 auto.

I've recently started towing and could do with a the 4wd for "Green Ice" and slippery mud paths and roads. I've driven the Volvo XC70 which is expensive and I didn't like the way it rolled in corners. The Audi All Roader is a bit pricey and I don't like the Audi dealers in my area. I don't want an all out fashion/serious 4wd.

We've had a Skoda Fabia before and I've always quite liked the previous generaiton Octavia. The Octavia is very well priced and looks very well specified.

I was wondering if anyone has driven the current 4*4 Octavia and can comment on how it drives. Does it handle tidly, does it wallow in the corners, is it too slow?

Thanks WipeOut


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