Cavalier - central locking problem - robert

A family member has a 1993 Cavalier saloon. One of the rear doors won't unlock with the central locking or lever.

Any ideas on how to get the door trim panel off with the door closed?

Thanks in anticipation .........

Cavalier - central locking problem - Victorbox
There is a good article here with pictures about removing the front door card to fix an electric window. This will be similar to the rear but with no door pocket to contend with.

Folding the rear seat base forward and undoing the two hinge rod clips (carefully pull off with pliers) and pulling out hinge rods will allow you to quickly take out the seat base on that side to give you more room.
Cavalier - central locking problem - Dynamic Dave
Sounds like either the C/L unit in the rear door has failed, or it's not receiving any power. Whichever it is, it sounds like the door is still deadlocked - hence why you can't open it by lifting the button. You could try opening the front door and wiggling the wires that go into the rear door from the B pillar whilst someone else operates the C/L, in case it's a broken connection somewhere in the loom.

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