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Antipollution fault Peug 307 - j3b4
Just switched on ignition- the yellow engine warning sign came on and a message came on "antipollution fault". I drove round the block (about 2 miles) car went smoothly. I had the car serviced 2 weeks ago. Anyone any ideas what this is. Im going to take it in on Tuesday to get it checked!

Many thanks in advance.
Antipollution fault Peug 307 - Armitage Shanks {p}
According to the Handbook (Page 21) this indicates "A fault in the anti-pollution system". If you have a car with a Euro 4 compliant diesel engine, you didn't say what engine you have, then it could be a very expensive fault in the particle filter which costs nearly £700 to replace. It needs to go to a dealer and I hope it is under warranty!
Antipollution fault Peug 307 - machika
Any warnings recently about low fuel additive? How many miles has it done?

There would also probably be an air flow sensor connected to the turbo intake. Check to see if all is in order there, as the connections are a little fragile.
Antipollution fault Peug 307 - Armitage Shanks {p}
I now recall that I had this snag on my car when it was fairly new and it was cured by going to the dealer and having the ECU 'reprogrammed'. The magic fluid is replenished on the 72,000 mile service, and the the particle filter is chaged on the current schedule, at a cost that I mentioned in my earlier post.
Antipollution fault Peug 307 - j3b4
Many thanks for the replies. The car is a petrol engine- 4 years old (MOT 2 weeks ago) with just 16k miles on the clock! I just spent £522 on the service. Im not a happy chappy and this is the last ever Peug I will ever own!
Antipollution fault Peug 307 - Armitage Shanks {p}
I am sorry to hear of your troubles, at such a low mileage, 4000 a year is almost too low perhaps! My first/12,000 mile service on my 1.6 Hdi diesel was £107. Did you have a lot done or do you live in an area where labour costs are high?
Antipollution fault Peug 307 - j3b4
It was the standard 4 year 40kmile service. It initially failed the mot only on a rear spring which had sheared across. Peugeot were so interested they send a photographer to photograph the fault and they paid for the parts and labour. I did fill up with petrol just before the warning light went on, but it was super unleaded esso- I cant see how that would effect it. I am seriously fedup taking this car back to the garage. Its the only car Ive had problems to this extent with in 30 years driving, but I usually buy Jap cars. Thanks for your continued comments.
Antipollution fault Peug 307 - machika
First time I have heard of a petrol engine having an antipollution fault. Can I ask why you filled up with super-unleaded?
Antipollution fault Peug 307 - j3b4
I thought I was doing the right thing. Surely adding 30 litres of this fuel wouldnt cause this fault?????
Antipollution fault Peug 307 - Adam {P}
I don't think Machika was saying that caused it - just general interest I think given it doesn't do anything other than empty your wallet quicker ;-)
Antipollution fault Peug 307 - j3b4
Thanks adski. I just cant believe this sort of thing happens on a car of this age and mileage.
Antipollution fault Peug 307 - Armitage Shanks {p}
Please let us know how you get on on Tuesday. I think you will find that a "re-porgramme" will cure the fault but it may be down to the very low mileage that you do. If your 4000 miles a year is also on short runs that may be a large factor.
Antipollution fault Peug 307 - Mystic
This seems similar.

Antipollution fault Peug 307 - j3b4
Thanks for the link and the replies. Results of diagnostics in new thread!

{As it's related to this thread, I've merged them. DD}
Peug 307 Pollution fault result - j3b4
Thanks to you who replied to my initial thread. The diagnostics showed 2 faulty sensors. Going to be fixed next week at a cost of £411. I think this is an absolute disgrace for a car with 16k miles on the clock and 4 years old. Thats on top of the £500 spent on the service 2 weeks ago.

Peugeot should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peug 307 Pollution fault result - daveyjp
16,000 miles in four years is a good pointer as to why things are failing. Little used cars fall apart very quickly.
Peug 307 Pollution fault result - Mondaywoe
I think there's a lot in that. My C5 has done 50,000 miles in just over 3 years with very few problems and there's not hardly been a day when I haven't been out in it.

I can remember, however, my sister buying a Fiesta from our cousin a few years back. It had only done about 20,000 miles in 5 years, having spend most of its time garaged.Our cousin thought he was doing her a favour by giving her the chance of a 'hardly used' car for very little dosh. He said (in all honesty)it had never given him a moment's trouble.

No sooner did she start to use it on a regular basis than everything fell apart! I had to replace brake discs, dampers, steering rack, suspension joints, radiator - even the heater blower motor (pig of a thing!) within weeks of it going on the road.

Cars like to be driven every day - fact!

Peug 307 Pollution fault result - j3b4
Thanks for your input everyone- it appears the advice is- if Im not going to use the car much- its better not to own one! I wonder if anyone has done research into the comparative use of mini cabs as against owning a car! I wonder???
Peug 307 Pollution fault result - Armitage Shanks {p}
This link will take you to an AA site with a chart of car running costs.


If I have got the details of your car correctly it is costing you over 70p a mile and that is not at today's fuel costs! That is £2,800 a year which would get you quite a lot of taxis and/or car hire when you wanted one for a week or so.

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