Ford Escort air-con/blower - Jonathan Edwards
The air blower on my Ford Escort 1.8 Ghia X has developed a malfunction. After about 5 minutes no air comes out despite the blower making all the right noises. This occurs with air-con on or off and hot or cold. I do not have a pollen filter.

Any ideas?
Re: Ford Escort air-con/blower - trevor
johnathan is the blower still turning can you hear it ?
and still no air or does the fan not run.
Re: Ford Escort air-con/blower - Dave N
Also let us know if you are driving normally, intown, up hills etc. This is because some of the controls are vacuum related.
Re: Ford Escort air-con/blower - Gwyn Parry
Do you carry a passanger when this happens ? Strange question you may ask. but the heater controls (specifically the directional knob) are routed through the passenger footwell, this allows the passanger to accidentaly (or otherwise if you want to spook the driver) to rotate this knob and close all the vents by foot alone (look no hands !)
Re: Ford Escort air-con/blower - John Cook
Becareful in rotating those knobs using your feet in your escort as mine were broken by my kids doing that.

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