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Does anyone know of a specialist Nissan car breakers in the London/SE area?

I am looking for an electric window switch (Main Dealer wants £46 plus VAT!) and not many Micras have E/W.

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Not sure if there are any in london.But those that deal with any motor. One in Lewisham (not certain its still there)and forget address at the moment
they are very Good as the parts are tested before you buy.I have used them a few times
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These Japanese specialists came up on
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Try . They are in Stockton but window switch will go in the mail OK.
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Also try
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I've purchased spares from here.... like a door mirror, light unit, radio aerial. You register a request and they put out to various dealers your request. You may get several dealers contact you, or none, it's the luck of the draw!
Nissan Breakers - Doc
Thanks for all the replies.

I have contacted all the suggested; I await their response.

All my local breakers have loads of Micras, but none with E/W.

It's looking like I'll have to buy new.


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