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Battery Chargers - CheapNcheerfull
Hi all,

I have survived on an old charger for many years, but it now needs replacing. What do I need to look for to ensure I have one that I can simply connect up and leave it to work out what is needed,ideally 35-40 pounds.

Any recommendations ?

Battery Chargers - AngryJonny
I have one of these:


Just plug it in and go. Doesn't turn on the power until both cables are connected. Switches to trickle-charge when the battery is full. I've been pleased with it.
Battery Chargers - shoei
Oxford maximiser, you can get brand new ones on ebay for £30 and they are fantastic, just plug in and forget. I have had mine for around a year, it is connected to my motorbike all year round.I purchased mine from betterthedeal on ebay, very goog ebayer it arrived within 3 days and comes with a two year warranty.

Battery Chargers - buzbee
It recovers bad batteries where possible with a high voltage/low current that helps repair the battery cells

That statement bothers me, if it does this while the battery is still on the car.

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