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Thanks. - Kim
I wish to thank all the contributors for offering advice on my old diesel Escort which was experiencing problems in starting(understatement)

My friend has now managed to get it going and its running okay. He says it was a combination of things, and that the problem may have emenated from my excess use of the throttle when originally trying to start it.

Anyway if any of you ever require any assistance or advice on antiques, jewellery, watches or clocks, do not hesitate to E-mail us, and we will be pleased to help.
Re: Thanks. - Kim
Correction, emanated.:)
Re: Thanks. - Simon Saxton

Thank you Kim,I was unable to help but surely you are on my favourites list!

Re: Thanks. - Guy Lacey
I'd like some advice on how to get a woman. I've just turned 27 and am starting a mini mid-life crisis.
Re: Thanks. - El Dingo (Martin)

Have you seen the advert?

Man gets 'Mini' mid-life crisis, finds girl, the end.

;-)))) Martin.
Re: Thanks. - Jonathan
Maybe its the whiff of LPG?

Why not go to Newcastle, LAS is always telling us that everything is cheaper up there.


Re: Thanks. - David W

You need some help.

If only the data protection act didn't keep you apart from my customer listing of the thirtysomething single girls on my books.

Posh girl with Land Rover any good?

Re: Thanks. - Mark (Brazil)
> listing of the thirtysomething single girls on my books.

you know more than 30 single girls ? You don't even know how many exactly ?

I'm moving near your house right now.
Re: Thanks. - David W
Actually Mark this is a real issue. In this locality alone there are dozens of single girls in their thirties. Something of a social change methinks.

Most of them have cars as well, what more could a chap want?

Wonder why the shortage in Guy's area.

Re: Thanks. - Lee H
A quick trawl through a mental list of my mates (no Brad Pitts or Ant & Decs) reveals that no blokes are single, but I can think of a good few lovely lasses around that magic 30sthg mark that are available, looking and probably quite willing.

I know this isn't helping you Guy, as these girls are mainly based in the Newcastle area, although there are some in Harrogate & Halifax. Maybe they're all hiding in the north from the tar barrels...

Just a thought though, none of the real trophy wife material (ducks for cover) are even remotely interested in cars, perhaps that's why they're still single?!

Re: Thanks. - Mark (Brazil)
> Wonder why the shortage in Guy's area.

I suspect its all down to them hearing about what he does on a bender.

I should get a prize for being first in getting that into a 2002 thread.

Re: Thanks. - Sue
Mark, you're a married man!!! And about to become a father, n'est-ce pas? BEHAVE!
Re: Thanks. - Mark (Brazil)
just because your chained to the porch, doesn`t mean you can`t bark at the cars as they pass !!

4 weeks & counting.
Re: Thanks. - Richard Hall
David W

Can you send the posh girl with Land Rover up the A14 to Ipswich? And please send me a photo (of the Land Rover).
Re: Thanks. - David W

Strangely I think she spends half her working week over that way. Might have a photo of the Land Rover.

And a plus for Guy, she just loves Golf GTis.

Re: Thanks. - Dave
"I'd like some advice on how to get a woman. I've just turned 27 and am starting a mini mid-life crisis."

Beer, Guy. Beer really helps.

...and I've never been to bed with an ugly woman.

Woken up with a few though. ;-)
Re: Thanks. - Guy Lacey
Thanks everyone and sorry Kim for hijacking your thread.

Hey DW - the Land Rover girl sounds good. What's 300 miles between friends?

It does seem as though the majority of single lasses are in and around Newcastle. Maybe LAS is looking for a lodger?

The reason for Taunton having single women a little thin on the ground - simple. 40 Commando Royal Marines at Norton Manor Camp. While they are in Afghanistan I thought I would be making hay but the girls seem to be staying at home.
Re: Thanks. - Fred Vue
Reminds me of a rugby league supporter I once knew. Never missed the final at Wembley. But then announced he was going to give what should have been a strongly fought game between the two Hull teams a miss.


He was going to Hull for the weekend instead !

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