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Hankook Tyres - Blue {P}
Well, age has gotten the better of at least two of my tyres, and it's time for a change.

I;ve just ordered two new Hankook 205/60/R15 V tyres from a local supplier, £99.90 for both fully fitted and balanced which I didn't think was a bad price.

The ones that they are replacing are super-econo-budget-cheapo ones that my parents fitted about 5 years ago, these are H rated which I understand is not as good as the V rated ones that I'm getting, although I'm not sure what actual difference it will make in the real world (I rarely drive my 316i above 147 mph)

So, I guess what I'm really asking is, are a pair of Hankook tyres for less than a hundred quid a god buy? I know it's a bit academic 'cos I've already ordered them to be fitted tommorow, but I'm curious if I should have phoned around a bit more, just so that I know for next time as the other two are gonna need doing in the near future.

Hankook Tyres - tunacat
Seems like a pretty reasonable price from a local supplier. Possibly if you'd tried really really hard you might have clipped another £10 off, maybe towards £20. If you previously ran super-econo-budget-cheapo ones, the Hankooks will be better - they're getting quite good these days if you're not the sort who demands 110% from his tyres (I don't have quotes to hand, but I keep an eye on reviews and forums).

Cheddar and Number Cruncher can advise you all you want about the speed ratings.

Hankook Tyres - artful dodger {P}
Hello Blue

IIRC Hankook are made in Malaysia. I have used some of them in the past. They might not be quite as hard wearing as a top brand, but the performed acceptably for me in normal use. Although they might need replacing slightly earlier than a top brand, I believe the cost saving will result in lower overall costs.

If you are selling the car in the near future most buyers are more interested in the tread depth than the brand name. Also useful to mention that they only cost just under £100 a pair fitted.
Hankook Tyres - tyro
I had 2 new Hankooks (175/70 R14 T) a few months back for £68.
Hankook Tyres - Aprilia
Hankook are South Korean. They are OEM fitment on some models of Mondeo so Ford must think they're OK. Apparantly the latest ones (is it Ventus VR4, KO4? - something like that) perform very well.
I have had a pair of Kumho ECSTA tyres (also Korean) fitted to a sports car recently and I can only say that they perform excellently in the dry. Not had chance to try them in the wet yet.
Hankook Tyres - Stuartli
Michelin took out a substantial stake in Hankook about two years ago, along with an agreement resulting in Hankook being able to use Michelin's PAX-system run-flat technology.

Compre the price you've paid with the offers at:

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Hankook Tyres - VR6
I had a set of Hankook Ventus on the front of my car. To be honest I didnt like the feel of them, just not enough grip. They also wore out quite quickly as well. But two things to bear in mind - my car has a 2.9 VR6 lump and is fron wheel drive, and the fact that they were cheap kind of offset the wear rate.
Hankook Tyres - machika
It is interesting that you got some response, as I asked about Hankook tyres earlier this year (I think) and got absolutely nil response.

They do get good ratings on www.mytyres.co.uk
Hankook Tyres - Blue {P}
Thanks everyone, seems like a good call then seeing as the whole exercise took a little under 5 minutes. Much easier than spending hours searching and going to the back of beyond to have them fitted in order to save a tenner.

Will probably get the same when the other pair's time is up and have all four matching, I find that works a bit better.
Hankook Tyres - jimbo50
Speak as i find replaced Hankook 225/70 R 16's on Hyundai Santa Fe at 44,000 at total cost of £331.02. Fitter informed me that 2 tyres still had 5to 7 thousand on them. How does that compare?
Hankook Tyres - kithmo
The Hankook Ventus K104s that I had on my previous car, a 2.5 V6 Mk3 Mondeo, were great. They cost a third of the price of Coninental Contacts and under half the price of Brigestone Potenzas and wore at a slower rate. They were not as grippy in the wet but just as good dry as the Brigestones but better than the Contis wet, but the Contis were phenominally grippy in the dry. They were a lot quieter than the Contis but noisier than the Bridgestones.

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