Audi A6 - water leaks into the interior - Dave Andrews

Hope someone can help

I have a problem with water leaks in my 1998 Audi A6 saloon.
The problem lies with water gaining entry into the back passenger footwell. Ive taken the pollen filter out, battery etc to check all drain holes are unblocked.
Last night I put a hose on the windscreen and the water started coming through the air inlet (through the pollen filter) the pollen filter was soaked.

Ive checked the plastic around the windscreen and all seems fine. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

Slight mod to subject to make it clear it wasn't a coolant problem - PU
Audi A6 Water Leaks - Tierod
Hi Dave

If you have water in the rear passenger footwell,check the rear door rubber seal near the top, Play a water hose on it with someone watching the top of the door.
This is a known problem with Audi/Vw
Audi A6 Water Leaks - Aretas
Do your rear windows close completely. One of mine leaves a tiny gap unless I manually fiddle it fully closed.
Audi A6 Water Leaks - Bill Payer
I know you said you've taken the battery out and checked the drain is clear, but is it clear enough to cope with the full flow of a hosepipe?
My FIL's A6 (of about the same age) had exactly the same problem, caused by the drain not being clear. His (2.4 V6 petrol) was an auto and the auto box ecu is under the front passenger seat. It ended up full of water which caused it to fail.
Audi A6 Water Leaks - blackavant
Ended up here via an A4 topic but apparently same problem... my a6 avant is sodden in rear passenger footwell - have done the hose round the door thang and also poured water down the battery compartment... the drains appear to be working at least reasonably OK.
So, following a tip from el dingo (tx) I checked the pollen filter. I found the foam gasket under the filter was wet through and a small tear in the seal of the filter housing. Moreover, I found that the dealer (who had recently had the car in for this particular problem) had only replaced 2 of the 3 nuts holding the housing. the 3rd is a pain to get at, so no surprise, but without it the seal won't be fully tight on the body. My car also needed a gearbox ecu !! I'm not sure how to release the bottom windscreen shroud to access the 3rd fixing, so for now I've written to the dealer asking them to do it right as they should have in the first place.
If the problem turns out to be something else, I'll update this string - I'm sure there must be lots of owners out there with similar problem.
Audi A6 Water Leaks - Tim Allcott
Hi! Did you manage to get the problem sorted? I had a blocked drain under the battery (about half a gallon sloshing around in there) As to removing windscreen shroud, it requires removing wiper arms, and then a firm pull. It is, however, held in place by three metal clips (either side and middle) and you really need to remove these before you tug or one (at least) will disappear somewhere inaccessible. I hoped clearing battery drain would solve problem, but footwell's wet again, so I'm probably going to have to replace foam gasket.
Audi A6 Water Leaks - PeterRed
A new foam gasket fixed it for me on my Passat B5 - essentially the same car.
Audi A6 Water Leaks - Tim Allcott
Thanks: one due in at main agent on Tuesday: running out of dry towels!
Audi A6 Water Leaks - Tim Allcott
New filter housing (gasket not available separately) seems to have fixed the problem. Reasonable price for part: £11.00

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