Boy racers' delight! - ian (cape town)
Went to the local motor shop today, to pick up a few things, and was amazed at the range of tat available to customise cars! Apart from the colour coded door lock pins, and weird gearknobs, they were also selling steering wheels the size of a saucer, in a variety of dayglo colours!
When I got home, I checked, and it is illegal to fit a wheel smaller than original equipment. So are there cars which come with a 8" wheel as standard, or is the shopkeeper just taking advantage of gullible kevins?
Boy racers' delight! - David Lacey
Beat me to it Ian! - smells of 'Kevin wearing an about turned baseball cap'!

Re: Boy racers' delight! - Kev
Leave me alone!!!

Or will I have to start using my middle name?


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