v6 vectra 99 air condition - bradders

hopefully this will be an easy problem for all you technically minded peeps out there

When I press the 'snowflake' button on my dashboard it doesnt light up however when idleing the pitch in the engine noise changes - and looking under the bonnet the fan does actually start up when the A/C is switched on - but i'm not getting any lovely cool air

Does this ring any bells with anyone or is it a well known/easy cheap fault to look into ??

any help will be greatly appreciated


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v6 vectra 99 air condition - elekie&a/c doctor
Looks like 2 faults here.The switch illumination has failed but the a/c circuit in the switch is ok.(new switch reqd).No cooled air could be a number of problems from lack of refrigerant gas to a wiring or component failure.Suggest take car to an a/c specialist,the V6 vectra is a real pig to work on!!
v6 vectra 99 air condition - bradders
thanks -- thing is the switch illumination and the cool air fault happened simultaneously
it did work fine -- turned it off when it was nice and comfortably cool -- wouldnt turn back on when I needed it

i'll try a new switch first in case some of the contacts have gone and the others ok

thanks anyhow for taking the time to reply


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v6 vectra 99 air condition - Dave N
I think the switch stops lighting up when the low pressure switch is actvated, ie the system has a leak and is empty of gas. But the fans continue to work though. Press the button and see if the compressor hub is turning, I suspect not.

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