Honda Accord power "blips" - Alex M
Hi all,

Just before Christmas I bought a 2001 Honda Accord 2.0i VTEC with 10000 miles on it through the official UK Honda used car network, with 2 years 2 months manufac warranty left on it.
Pretty much since Day 1 I've noticed little power "blips", but sort of put it down to my imaginatiom, but it definitely happened 3 or 4 times on the way into work today (16 mile drive) and in my own head I know it's been happening all along.
Basically, when accelerating or pulling away (only notice it in low gears) there's an (admittedly tiny) "blip" in the power delivery, you usually can't feel it (through a loss in acceleration) at all, but there is definitely a dip in the headlights for a split second.
Also, when sat at traffic lights this morning it was idling at just over 500rpm when the revs dipped to 350, it felt like the car might stall and the lights dipped again, but it recovered very quickly and was OK. When I got to work I sat in the car park for a couple of minutes and it did it again.
Obviously it's going to have to go back to the dealer, but before I go does anyone have any pointers? I don't have much faith in the dealer, I can just see them hooking it up to all their gizomos, giving it me back and saying there's nothing wrong. (My own experiences with the dealer have not been too good (had an 89 Prelude last, and they didn't do me any favours with that) and I've heard some bad reports about them, their "fix" for a colleague whose 97 Prelude 4 wheel steering warning light kept coming on was to tell him there was nothing wrong, show him how to reset the warning switch, and charge him £90 for the privelige.....).

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Re: Honda Accord power - Matt
If its got air con or climate it could be the compressor cutting in or out. Try swithing it off.


Ps if this is the case, its normal!!!!
Re: Honda Accord power - Andy P
I've noticed this as well with my 2000W Accord.It's almost as if the car is running on three and a half cylinders. It happens when the aircon is off and seems to be morve prevalent at low to moderate speeds (up to 30mph or so). Could it be something to do with the fuel or air system?

Re: Honda Accord power - ian (cape town)
Sounds like the car is suddenly pulling charge, which increases resistance, and thus gives you the blip.
Idling along, in traffic, with heater/rear window/radio/lights etc does this to my car.
Re: Honda Accord power - Alex M
I popped into the dealer this morning and had a word about it, the first thing they asked was if it was when the air-con was on, but it's just with the normal fan on (I'm not a fan of air-con at all).

That "three and a half cylinders" description is uncanny, 'cause, as unscientific as it is, that's the sort of thing that was going through my mind.

Now that I'm paying attention to it, I've noticed it when going downhill using the gears to maintain speed (especially in third), there's a small "surge" occasioanlly, like you just tapped the accelerator the tiniest little bit. (As an aside, it never fails to amaze me how some people will go down a 1 mile hill with their brake lights on practically the whole way - how long do their pads and discs last?....).

The guy I spoke to at the dealer did seem to know his stuff, and was very helpful (so they've gone back up in my estimation a bit now), it's going in next week anyway for a door rattle and a subwoofer that doesn't appear to do anything so he's added it to the list, and said he would check it over. (Anyone else got an Accord SE Exec with the factory fitted extra power amp and sub and found that the sub makes next to no noise at all?).

Like you Andy P, I only notice it at low speeds in 2nd or 3rd, usually 3rd - and was wondering if it was something to do with the fuel injection system or some electronic gubbins. I dunno, sometimes I think I was better off with an '88 Cavalier when I could just pick up a Haynes manual and bodge around myself......

Re: Honda Accord power - Andy P
Strange as it may seem, my last car was a '95 Cavalier, and I found the Haynes manual to be almost indispensible. As for your other problems, the door rattle, if it's like mine, is from the door locking mechanism. Apparently, there are plastic sleeves that can be fitted to cure it.

Re: Honda Accord power - David W

You may have a specific fault that Honda will find but.....

I test drive a good selection of customer's cars over the year, mostly middle range saloons/hatchbacks and many diesels.

One thing that comes out of this experience is that the diesel cars drive in a very consistant way. On the other hand the petrol cars, even if without specific faults, often have their own little glitches in the way their ECUs control the power.

This has been discussed in the forum over a variety of headings but I think the overall impression is these traits often have to be lived with. It's the price we pay for very efficient and clean running engines.

Furthermore there was a fair discussion about aftermarket "chipping" and the conclusion seemed to be that the car makers were designing an ECU power curve to give impressive fuel consumption figures under Gov tests, but perhaps not best for driveability.

Re: Honda Accord power - Alex M
Just read through the replies a bit more carefully, are you saying that just having the climate control on (not air con) is enough to cause the blip?

I don't know how it regulates the temp, would it turn the whole heating system on and off? Would that be enough to cause the blip?

Re: Honda Accord power - Martin Wall
Alex M wrote:

"...but it's just with the normal fan on (I'm not a fan of air-con at all)."

Just a thought but might be worth reviewing HJs comments about what happens if you rarely use AC in a car fitted with it...!
Re: Honda Accord power - Bob H
My VW 1.8t 20v has done it since new - a hesitation rather like a misfire.

As David W said it has been discussed on this forum and I have put it down to a charachteristic of the ECU rather than a fault.

Bob H

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