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2004 Ford Galaxy Air Conditioning - volvos60T5SE
Just before i am about to sell my 2004 Galaxy TDi PD 130 Zetec, the aircon has stopped working. When i press the button, the light comes on, but i cannot hear any compressor noise from the engine, even with just the ignition. before, i could hear the compressor and there was a slight drop in the RPM. What will i need to do? re-gassing, new compressor??? However, the car is still under warranty, just. Any help is appreciated>>>>> thanks
2004 Ford Galaxy Air Conditioning - Altea Ego
Dont muck about, get it booked into the garage now while its still under warranty. Aircon is expensive to fix.
2004 Ford Galaxy Air Conditioning - Ivor E Tower
Galaxy aircon failures are common. Look at, over half the respondands to a question on aircon problems have had total or partial aircon failure, including me. If the vehicle is under warranty (should be 3 years or 60,000 miles for a genuine UK-sourced Galaxy) then Ford will pick up the bill, which can be in the region of £1000. You should try to pick a Ford garage that actually knows something about Galaxy aircon systems as many smaller outlets don't see very many and are pretty clue-less on dealing with them.
2004 Ford Galaxy Air Conditioning - volvos60T5SE
thanks for all the help. have booked my galaxy in for tuesday. if the car wasn't within warranty it would have cost me £1346.85. Thanks for all the help

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