Fleet Sales - Barryan
I was reading HJ's Auction guide and it said to be wary of
fleets who have their own retail outlets...can anyone let me know who these are? or if you cant post here could you please email me?

Also I have only been to an Auction once (Back Street type) and got ripped off and now I have more money and will be only going to a big auction house, can anyone please let me know which of Vendor branded sales are safe bets to buy from: www.british-car-auctions.co.uk/main.asp?page=798
Fleet Sales - blue_haddock
I know Interleasing used to have their own retail site where they sold mainly the low miles good condition prestige stuff but it now appears that all their stuff goes straight to carland who are all part of the same group (GMAC)
Fleet Sales - Barryan
I cant seem to check my settings to see if members can email me, so my address is barryansom@yahoo.co.uk Thanks.
Fleet Sales - Barryan
Thanks Blue_H, do you know which vendors cars are always safe ones?
Fleet Sales - derek
motabiltiy always have a good reputation i understand
Fleet Sales - blue_haddock
It can be hit and miss - you could find a lemon in any of the sales
Fleet Sales - mare
ALD leasing have an outlet in Bristol. The cars from my limited experience are not bad value.
Fleet Sales - NARU
As well as them creaming off the good cars, some leasing companies are more willing to pay for repair work than others. My previous car was originally maintained by one company who were good, then transferred to another who were very reluctant to agree work unless it was absolutely vital. At least that's according to the service desk at my local dealer.

Not sure I should be naming names though!
Fleet Sales - blue_haddock
Marlot - a very valid point as some lease firms won't pay for repairs towards the end of the contract if it doesn't harm the running of the vehicle. I know of one firm who wouldn't pay to have the radio repaired when it died as the car was going back within a couple of months.
Fleet Sales - Barryan
Thanks for the input, I'm looking for a 3yr old car so I'd expect that anything major would be sorted out by the manufacturer so just regular servicing would be required of such new cars? I am looking for low mileage so perhaps I should target the ex-finance stock? Bank Of Scotland, TSB autolease etc?
Fleet Sales - Romford
Im going to be replacing my estate this year and I\'d love to hear Honest John\'s views on this please.


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