returned e-mail - alvin booth
Had about 30 e-mail messages returned in the last few hours.
The thing is I haven't sent any of them.
Most of them seem to have been taken from my address book which automatically places them there when I return a e-mail.
The message I have supposedly sent is all gobbledy gook and not understandable.
Among them may be some of the people who visit this site who I have spoken to by e-mail. So if you receive a non-understandable message from me I haven't sent it. Sorry if you have received any.
I've seen this topic mentioned before under virus topics.
I'm just hoping its BT who have made a mistake.
Re: returned e-mail (virus ac. to Dr N.) - gwyn parry
This looks like a virus, just received a second e mail from you, no Subject. Norton 2002 picked it up and flagged it as "suspect" running a scan as we speak.
Re: returned e-mail (virus ac. to Dr N.) - gwyn parry
PS Original e mail was gobbledegook (have you an encryption tool ?) the only thing in it was a link to some italian site.
Re: returned e-mail (virus ac. to Dr N.) - alvin booth
What is an encryption tool????
Funny you mentioning Italian!!!!
I sent seasons greetings message to a friend who is the manager in a Hotel in Cyprus over xmas. I received one back from him which was fine.
I then received another one from his mail address tonight. The funny thing though was a long message in Italian language which I couldn't understand.
There was also an attachment which I was also unable to read. I never open attachments from unknown sources but this was from the genuine address of the Hotel.
With what you say about Italian I think this was perhaps the start of it and was the virus.
ANY mail from me at the moment shuld be regarded as a virus and deleted.

Sorry again..
Re: returned e-mail (virus ac. to Dr N.) - Alwyn

It has been suggested that we should put a bogus address into our address book so that none will be sent out automatically by virus scams.

Enter AAAAAA into your address book and this should stop any automatic outgoing mail to the rest of your address list.

I tried it with a mass mailing and the fake address was flagged. The mail was not sent to anyone because of the bogus address.

It won't save you but if will save your chums. Tell them to do the same.
Re: returned e-mail - David W

You may have this new virus W32.Zoher@mm.

I think Norton only did the update for it over Christmas.

Sounds like it has gone a bit wrong and mailed out to corrupted addresses hence you've been warned.

Re: returned e-mail (virus ac. to Dr N.) - alvin booth
I am still receiving then in multi mumbers and I must have had over a hundred tonight. And they are still coming.
many from friends who are asking what I am sending them!!!!!

Re: returned e-mail (virus ac. to Dr N.) - gwyn parry
It was translates (as used by O B Ladin) gobbledegook.
Just scanned with the latest Norton update (which includes W32.zoher@mm all clear at the moment)
W32.Zoher@mm virus. - David W

I really think you have this virus. Does the mail content look like this?

Con questa mail ti e stata spedita la FortUna; non la fortuna e basta, e eanche la Fortuna con la F maiuscola, ma addirittura la FortUna con la F e la U aiuscole. Qui non badiamo a spese. Da oggi avrai buona fortuna, ma solo ed esclusivamente se ti liberi di questa mail e la spedisci a tutti quelli che conosci.

Se lo farai potrai: - produrti in prestazioni sessuali degne di King Kong per il resto della tua vita

- beccherai sempre il verde o al massimo il giallo ai semafori - catturerai tutti e centocinquantuno i Pokemon incluso l'elusivo Mew

- (per lui) quando andrai a pescare, invece della solita trota tirerai su una sirena tettona nata per sbaglio con gambe umane - (per lei) lui sara talmente innamorato di te che ti come una sirena tettona nata per sbaglio con le gambe

Se invece non mandi questa mail a tutta la tua list entro quaranta econdi,allora la tua esistenza diventera una grottesca sequela di eventi tragicomici, una colossale barzelletta che suscitera il riso del resto del pianeta, e ticondurra ad una morte orribile, precoce e solitaria...No, dai, ho esagerato: hai sessanta secondi.

Cascaci: e' tutto vero.Puddu Polipu, un grossista di aurore boreali cagliaritano, spedi' questa mail a tutta la sua lista ed il giorno dopo vinse il Potere temporale della Chiesa alla lotteria della parrocchia. Ciccillo Pizzapasta, un cosmonauta campano che soffriva di calcoli, si preoccupo di diffondere
questa mail: quando fu operato si scopri' che i suoi calcoli erano in realta diamanti grezzi.

GianMarco Minaccia, un domatore di fiumi del Molise che non aveva fatto circolare questa mail, perse entrambe le mani in un incidente subito dopo
aver comprato un paio di guanti. Erode Scannabelve, un pediatra mannaro di
Trieste,non spedi a nessuno questa mail: dei suoi tre figli uno comincio a drogarsi, il secondo entro in Forza Italia e il terzo si iscrisse a Ingegneria.

That, or something like it, is what you get with the W32.Zoher@mm virus.

Good luck!

Re: W32.Zoher@mm virus. - gwyn parry
Clear of virus now thanx to Dr N.
Re: returned e-mail (virus ac. to Dr N.) - Guy Lacey
....or just buy and regularly update a decent anti-virus like Norton.
Re: returned e-mail (virus ac. to Dr N.) - Alwyn
Yes, I have done both.

I downloaded Norton Internet Security 2002. It took around 4 hours but seems to be a big improvement on the system that came with the computer.

One thing I do not seem to be able to stop are the annoying adverts that keep popping up, even though Norton say they can be stopped.

Any thoughts?
Re: returned e-mail (virus ac. to Dr N.) - Clive
The question of using a bogus e-mail address such as AAA to stop virus scams was raised in a computer magazine recently and the answer given by their expert was that it wouldn't work for the following reasons:

'To begin with, the bogus e-mail address isn't 'unobtainable'. It still adheres to the valid format, regardless of what the 'someone' and 'somewhere' are. The fact that the e-mail address doesn't exist is irrelevant, as the e-mail application sending it won't be informed of the fact until some hours later by the e-mail server. Also, not all worms start with the first entry in the address book and many pick entries at random. The only sure way to protect yourself against viruses, worms and trojans is to use anti-virus software and a firewall'.

Hope this is of some assistance.
Re: returned e-mail (virus ac. to Dr N.) - Alwyn
Having tried it, I find that is not the case.

If just AAAAAAA is entered then it is not a valid address and the whole mailing is stopped. There is no JimmyJones@soandso because there is no @ in the bogus "address" The message is not sent at all to any addresses in your list.

I think what you may be refering to is the insertion of something which looks like a proper address including the @ symbol which is then sent along with all the others and later comes back as undeliverable.

Solution is to try it. Put AAAAAAAAAAAA in your list then try to send a mass mailing. I predict none will be sent and the bogus address will be highlighted.

If you then delete it, the rest will be sent. That is what I found when I tried it using Outlook Express.

Hope this helps
Re: returned e-mail (virus ac. to Dr N.) - Clive
You can download anti pop-up software from this site:
Re: returned e-mail (virus ac. to Dr N.) - Alwyn
Thank you Clive.

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