And its really Christmas... - Mark (Brazil)

Just to be the first sad soul to post on Christmad Day !!

And I see HJ lurking, so he might be first, but it'll be close.

Right, I'm off out to a party, may well be on-line tomorrow, but perhaps a little quiet and hungover.

Best wishes..

Re: And its really Christmas... - Sue
At least I have the excuse that I have to be sure all boys are asleep before I can go to bed! Getting harder and harder the older they and I get. Still, with the youngest threatening cyanide in the carrots for Rudolph I may not play this game much longer.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all, hopefully no more close calls for anyone over the festive season.

Re: And its really Christmas... - ladas are cool
we are currently wrapping presents.
Re: And its really Christmas... - Pete O
There's no snow here so Santa cant move his Sleigh call out the RAC/AA
Re: And its really Christmas... - markymarkn
merry christmas people,

thanks for making my time in the backroom so enjoyable,

i mean *everyone* - without you all, the backroom wouldnt be what it is.

cheers and the best wishes to you all and your families.

Re: And its really Christmas... - Dwight Van-Driver
To all you that make this site the delight that it is and especially HJ and crew for making it possible - a very happy Xmas.
Your all the pureymost and sunnyglow.
Re: And its really Christmas... - Julian Lindley
A relaxing, warm and happy Christmas to you all.

Thanks to all of you for adding interest and humour to my day and also for the occasions when you have put me right.

We went with my youngest daughter to the midnight service last night and I drove my old Cavalier to the church; now my daughters. "Why is the fan on maximum and the vents all pointed at my face," I asked. The reply from my youngest was "I was late to meet up with friends last night, so I used The vents to dry my hair on the way! Hmmm.

On a different note, but relevent to this time of the year.

We collected my eldest at miday today, she had just finished her duty shift at the hospital in Chichester. Recently qualified as a staff nurse, she had the misfortune to have somebody arrest and die on the ward during her duty. The nurses who man the ward had formed a relationship over 3 months with the patient, and my daughter was clearly upset. She is happy now after lunch and a drink or two. She reflected that something was wrong with Christmas and death occurring on the same day. I was reminded (though I did not discuss) of the holiday fatal road statistics that were displayed on the news after each years Christmas during the 60's and early 70's, mostly alcohol related.

All the best for the coming year,

Re: And its really Christmas... - Andy
We've just returned home from Christmas Dinner at sister-in-law's. I'm the only person who likes sprouts and I ate the ruddy lot!
Could be in for a bad night.......
Sprouts!!! - David Lacey
Andy - same here!!

And they are working - ask Guy!!

Rgds (Holding nose!!)

Re: Sprouts!!! - David W

If sprouts were part of a vehicle fuel process we'd advise never using them to avoid damaging the cat.

Super xmas meal here yesterday and we've just had a lunch of the same. #

Copious quantities of sprouts two days it wise....looked round for the dog earlier to blame him but he'd already crept out of the room in fear.

Sprouts & Nuts!!! - ian (cape town)
Is there any other day of the year that the above actually get eaten?
Re: Sprouts!!! - Guy Lacey
Spent the night in Musgrove Park Hospital A&E with my m8 who managed to slice half his hand off. Left at 6am after wishing all the nurses a Merry Xmas.

Mother was not amused.

Value my car