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Mondeo road test - pete
Having just read H.J. road test on this car this am i find it hard to believe that a Granada sized car at 80+mph will return 40+mpg? Is there any owners who can confirm this. My 2litre primera will return 33mpg at speeds to 90mph but to expect 40mpg from a heavier car?
H.J. relates to rear leg room its about 6" longer than the bmw.A4
The praised analogue clock on the ford cortina i had made an annoying ticking sound when stood.
A friend of ours has the 1.8 estate Mondeo ,he just gave me a funny look when i mentioned the mileage claims and also made the comment of not moving to the new car quote "it will not fit the garage"
Re: Mondeo road test - marko

I've just done 50k in a 2.0 litre petrol mondeo (S reg) - nearly all motorway - usually showing 85 on the clock - average mpg was 42ish.

Recently switched to 2.0 litre estate (X reg) and it struggles to beat 34 mpg - which comes as a surprise and disappointment.

Still a nearly new mondeo must be the best £10k worth of motor for high mileage private motorists.

Re: Mondeo road test - Keith
I have a 1.8 petrol Mondeo that returns 42mpg at steady 70mph. This goes down to 39-40 at 75 mph. I dont go faster then that due to 9 points though. :(
Re: Mondeo road test - alan

No ways 40mpg My 2l in town does about 25mpg! Ok its still running in hope it improves
Re: Mondeo road test - four eyes
on a motorway run our 2litre mk2 ('96) did 40 mpg with surprising ease.
Re: Mondeo road test - Brian
After the above comments, maybe the way for the UK to meet emission targets is to get traffic moving rather than have it sitting in jams?
Re: Mondeo road test - PhiL P
I've never even seen 40mpg in my 2.0 5-dr Focus!
Re: Mondeo road test - Dan J
My 1.8i Cavalier consistently does 37-42 mpg though admittedly it suffers little town driving though frequently several morning jams. The 1.6i which was recently acquired for the missus is even better and will crack 550 miles off a full tank and averages 45 mpg.

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