Service Tool-Pliers Or chain/claw Wrench - Clouddz
Im going to service my car and I want to buy some tools to change the oil/fuel filters, Can anyone tell me which one is easier to use as Ive seen Big pliers, chain wrenchs or claw wrenchs???

I was also thinking of buying some axle stands, for normal cars are 1.8 tonne stands ok? Are trolley jacks worth buying?


Service Tool-Pliers Or chain/claw Wrench - Chris M
I use a chain wrench for oil filters. You won't need one for a fuel filter though - completely different set up.

Axle stands - 1.8 tonne will be fine. Trolley jack - wouldn't be without one.

Chris M
Service Tool-Pliers Or chain/claw Wrench - Chris M
Meant to add if you are using axle stands or a trolley jack for the first time, be careful where you place them. A Haynes manual would be a useful addition to your shopping list.

Chris M
Service Tool-Pliers Or chain/claw Wrench - keo-the-dog
with regards to oil filter removal tools, it really depends on access to the filter, i have used all sorts over the years even the screwdriver through the side... a real no no, but needs must.axle stands will be ok so long as you are sure about where you are putting them, likewise trolley jack and these are cheap now but buy the best you can afford the bigger the lifting head the better, draper make a reasonable one although the cheapo stuff will do the job. and DONT!!!! trust it DONT!!!! work under a car supported only by a trolley jack...cheers...keo.
Service Tool-Pliers Or chain/claw Wrench - Clouddz
Cheers Gents.

Has anyone tried the magetic strip around the oil filter which
is supposed to hold the metal rubbish that wears off the engine in the filter?
Service Tool-Pliers Or chain/claw Wrench - Civic8
M/strip around oil filter is not a good idea.It may promote excessive filter blockage.The old magnetic pole on oil drain bolt was the better idea.not as much chance of filter being blocked earlier than it was designed to.Depending on of course engine wear/oil used
Service Tool-Pliers Or chain/claw Wrench - pastyman
Try a strap type filter wrench. Draper make one that you can use 3/8" or 1/2" ratchets/extensions with, approx £6.

Service Tool-Pliers Or chain/claw Wrench - mfarrow
The chain ones are great until the handle falls off! Seriously it happened the second time I used it. Cheap carp from Halfords I guess. Rivet it once and you'll be laughing!
Service Tool-Pliers Or chain/claw Wrench - Claude
If you cant get side access to the filter then you have to use a strap or a claw (both used with socket set fittings). Of the two, the strap wrench gives the maximum purchase and if the filter body distorts you can always shift the strap to a different position. If the claw type distorts the end
of the filter or twists the filter body you will have to use a strap anyway. Dont overtighten the new filter, finger tight plus a quarter turn is normally quite sufficient. Once you struggled to get an old filter off you will never overtighten a new again !
Definitely buy a small trolley jack, you'll wonder how you ever maanaged without one.
Service Tool-Pliers Or chain/claw Wrench - sierraman
Re chain wrench,if you have a socket set you can get a chain wrench,or a strap wrench, that fits onto the socket drive.These are stronger than the chain riveted to a handle type and are better if access is restricted.
Service Tool-Pliers Or chain/claw Wrench - rg
Beyond this, there is a tool produced by Pleiedes, the Citroen specialist at Sawtry, near Huntingdon, that will remove the most stubborn Citroen suspension spheres.

However, if you have to resort to this device, the filter was probably put on by King Kong, and other damage may have been done....

Service Tool-Pliers Or chain/claw Wrench - PhilW
Autoexpress recently did a test of different axle stands

Also I notice trolley jacks on their list

and oil filter wrenches!!
Service Tool-Pliers Or chain/claw Wrench - Cliff Pope
The bicycle chain on a hooked lever is awful IMHO. You need a lot of sideways room to swing it, it has to slip and deform the casing quite a lot to get a grip, by which time you have used up all the available space. When you release it to back it round the filter, the chain falls off the hook.
I like the kind with a continuous bit of chain through a kind of socket. The approach is then end-on, using an extension piece on the ordinary socket wrench. You can keep on winding it up without having to reposition the wrench, and you can get massive leverage even if the old filter is overtightened or the rubber seal welded tight.
Take care if your filter is anywhere near the starter motor or the alternator - there may be exposed terminals, and it is no joke touching one of those with the wrench or the chain!
After refitting I always start the engine and watch for oil leaks - you can give it a bit more turn then if necessary.
I hearily endorse the warning about never trusting a jack alone. Even shoving the wheel underneath is better than nothing.
Service Tool-Pliers Or chain/claw Wrench - henry k
They did not like the chain on a stick but also omitted any mention of the pliers with big round jaws.
A strong elastic band round a claw wrench fingers eases its use.
Service Tool-Pliers Or chain/claw Wrench - Victorbox
I like the Boa Constrictor Strap Wrench, although you will need two if your other half wants to release jam jar tops in the kitchen.

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