Freezing door seals - David
Can anyone suggest a simple way of preventing the rubber door seals freezing to the doors in freezing weather? It doesn't seem right to just force the doors open !
Re: Freezing door seals - Doreen
Give them a smear of vaseline - this will stop them sticking
Re: Freezing door seals - david
Thanks for the info. I'll try it tomorrow.
Re: Freezing door seals - Derek
Vaseline may attack the rubber. I just give mine a quick wipe round to remove any moisture.
Re: Freezing door seals - Andy
Same here - it works a treat and lasts for ages!
Re: Freezing door seals - Slartibartfast
BUy a Vauxhall Vextra, the seals will have rotted away long before they ever freeze.
Re: Freezing door seals - rogerb
Glycerine is slightly better than Vaseline - less messy & vey effective.
I've also found that the water-repellency of some 'rubber treatments' eg AutoGlym, helps a lot, AND prolongs the life of the rubber.
Re: Freezing door seals - Nicholas Moore
Yes, Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber care is what you want.
Re: Freezing door seals - L.Wright
Predictably VOLVO do a 'Rubberstick' as part of a winter promotion, specifically developed for preventing rubber components like door seals from sticking. so try your local Volvo franchise.
Re: Freezing door seals - Guy Lacey aka Burger King
Try the Unipart slicone gel. Works a treat and nourishes the rubber to prevent cracking, etc.

I'm sure my brother will update with the part number.

It may be more expensive but one hell of a lot easier than a grown man going into a chemists asking for a tub of vaseline. I always used to make sure I had my rugby club blazer on when buying a family sized tub of vaz.
Freezing door seals - David Lacey
Silicone grease (PArt number BAU 5812A) in a tube, smeared into the rubber door seals will do the trick.

It is used for lubricating sunroof rubber seals, ensuring smooth operation.

Kind regards

Re: Freezing door seals - ladas are cool
strange but true - you can use 'back to black' spray, and it seems to do the job
Re: Freezing door seals - ladas are cool
another way is to trickle alcohol down the gap in the door, i learnt this from a russian internet pal.
Re: Freezing door seals - ladas are cool
the good thing about using alcohol is that if it doesnt work on the rubber, you can instead get legless ;-)
Re: Freezing door seals - dan
Treatment prior to sticking that is...

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