Xantia coolant temperature - Chris
Hi to everyone!

I have a '96 1.9TD, over the last couple of days the coolant temp has started fluctuating quite fast between 80 and 90 on the gauge upon acceleration/swifter driving at any speed. Returns to 80 at more constant speed/standstill within a minute or two.

Rad/pipes are hot so I assume the thermostat (~1yr old, opens at 83?) is opening, rad isn't blocked externally, both fans work at both speeds etc.

I'm not concerned about the temperature yet as this isn't going too high, but the speed it rises concerns me more. Prior to this it used to sit just below 80 once warmed up, not going up/down unless being pushed pretty hard! Do I have cause for any future concern??

To top this off, its timing belt/service time, the rear arm bearings are probably shot at 120K, the two difficult glow plugs need done and the front pads/discs need replaced soon :-(

Oh deary deary me ... ...

Ah well, it is a nice car :-)
Any thoughts appreciated folks.

Re: Xantia coolant temperature - Chad R

Haven't got a clue about the temp/rad problem but........

I've got a '96 1.9TD Xantia Estate done 128K - At 126K had the cambelt and alternator tensioner changed, oil service, coolant change, hydo fluid change, new front pads, new rear pads and discs and new rear spheres all for under £600. Dealer quoted well over a grand for the same.

I can recommend "Louis Barber" - he's a independent Citroen specialist in Great Missenden (Near Amersham, Bucks). He also does a wicked line in 4WD converted 2CV's !

Re: Xantia coolant temperature - Chris

Having had bad experience of franchised dealers, I too avoid them like the plague! Its not just the cost, but the 'replace possible parts with new to diagnose problem' attitude as well which costs a great deal before the problem is even found.

Chad - have you had the rear arm bearings done at 128K? My n/s one is noisy when driving in wet/damp conditions so I assume its on its way out :-(

From the lack of response, I'll assume the temp. is nothing to worry about and ignore it for now!


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