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Nissan Primera P10 bulb replacement - John Doubledime

I am replacing a headlamp bulb on my 96 Primera.

Mr Hayne's manual advises me to disconnect the negative battery lead before proceeding.

Two questions. One What am I risking if I don't disconnect the battery lead?

Two. Will I need to input the radio security code if I do disconnect. The code may be hard/impossible to find.

All advice gratefully received
Nissan Primera P10 bulb replacement - madf
My experience with doing this job:
don't bother disconnecting but ensure when you remove all plugs to the headlamp they are left well away from any metal parts so you don't get an accidental short. (unlikely I know but possible)

I've changed bulbs for years on all types of cars - modern and old - and never disconnected the battery once.


Nissan Primera P10 bulb replacement - fossyant
Don't disconnect the battery, just remove the lamp from the housing, then change and plug back in - easy job ! Check out nissanprimera.net !! You are very welcome !

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