De Icing - Simon Butterworth
Not sure if this has come up on any of the other cold weather threads.

Halfords now sell a Night Before de icer, spray on the screen before retiring as it were!. Bought on the off chance, probably a gimmick I thought.

Excellent product. Minus 2 celcius this morning in Northants, quick squegee over the pre treated glass and away. No scraping, no re freezing and best of all:-

Re: De Icing - ladas are slow
this is the sort of subject we need on the forum, i will be buying one of these, many thanks for telling us about it.
Re: De Icing - pugugly
And me .....! My wife had a gift from some mail order firm....a heated ice scraper...that works too; but you still need the motor turning.
Re: De Icing - markymarkn
does it leave any gunge or anything on the windscreen?
Re: De Icing - Keith
Sounds like a waste of money
Re: De Icing - Simon Butterworth
No gunge on the windscreen, the washers shift it. Minor downside at least in my Xantia, smearing on the side windows as it collects on the rubber seal thingy that normally removes mist from the outside when the window is wound down.
Re: De Icing - Diesel Dave
I rubbed some very soapy water on my windows the night before last - BINGO - they weren't frozen up despite the sub - zero temperatures- i just thought it might be worth a try and it worked a treat !

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