Fiat Punto Stereo Codes - NickW
Hi, any Fiat Punto owners out there?

I've just tried fitting a stereo (cassette) from a Punto to my Punto. I got the security code with it but the unit doesn't prompt me for it as the instructions say it should.

I tried refitting the original unit (cd player) but now get exactly the same with that.

I also have a cd changer, hence the switch to cassette unit. The cassette unit is compatible with the changer.

Anyone come across this problem before? Any ideas?

Fiat Punto Stereo Codes - bax
I have the instructions applicable to 2001 to 2003-ish models.
Would these be of use to you?
Fiat Punto Stereo Codes - NickW
Thanks for the offer Bax but I have the instruction manual. It says I should get a brief message "CANCHECK" for about a second followed by a prompt to enter the code. I get CANCHECK but this just stays and no prompt appears. Entering the code has no effect. This happens with both units. There's probably a simple explanations but neither instruction booklet (cassette or CD) give any detail.

Oh, the cd player is from an 03 (pre facelift) and the cassette unit is from a 53 (I think) facelift. Both have exactly the same fittings at the rear.

Fiat Punto Stereo Codes - Jamesh266
With some models of Fiat, if the "CANCHECK" message stays on the radio display it could be because the radio is not communicating with the car's ECUs correctly.

I know that on some cars, the factory fitted Blaupunkt radio is coded so that it will only work with the car that it was originally installed in, so the cassette player might never work in your car.

Do you have three small coloured plugs (yellow, blue and green I think) on the back of the radio, and are they correctly connected? I think it is one of these that the radio uses to communicate with the ECU. Are all the fuses OK?
Fiat Punto Stereo Codes - NickW
I have the colour coded plugs and they are connected correctly. I was wondering if the unit might not work in my car but the manual seems to imply that it should as long as I havethe correct code.

Also when I tried to install the original cd player again I got exactly the same problem with that.

I guess I'll have to phone or pop down to the local Fiat dealer for advice.
Fiat Punto Stereo Codes - Kingpin
The CD player is trying to communicate with your main ECU but failing. I tried this identical swap a while ago. Got the same message as you. Tried to by-pass wiring on stereo and for my troubles ended up making the airbag warning light stay on permanently. Trip to main dealer to sort out (said it was a dodgy connection under the passenger seat!).
If I was you I would instead get a facia adaptor and buy a standard CD player for less than £100 and fit that. If you sell the car you can swap the original cassette player back.
I thought myself this swap would be clever and easy but it ended up annoying me, it would be fine in a Fiesta etc but typically Fiat make it difficult.
Fiat Punto Stereo Codes - Branko
Dear NickW,

I have read the above message. I have bought Fiat punto 1,9 JTD 2003 with radio/CD blaupunkt. Do you have instruction manual for this radio, as I have only in German. Please help!!!

Thank you in advance.

Branko Bozinovic
e-mail:>> I have the instructions applicable to 2001 to 2003-ish models.
I have the instructions applicable to 2001 to 2003-ish models.
Would these be of use to you?

Branko I've e-mailed bax for you

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