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Merc 190E electric window - Marc
Since the cold snap a couple of days ago, the driver's side front electric window on my 190E has become extremely slow and the motor sounds really sick when going up the last inch. Is the motor on it's way out or does the whole lot need a spray of WD40? Any ideas?

Re: Merc 190E electric window - Dwight Van-Driver

Had the same problem on SHMBO's XR3i this summer and on checking found that the window glass, due to its slight curve, was jumping out of the rubber guide as it reached the top,causing undue pressure on the motor. Thanks to Haynes and numerous prayers to him above, accomplished a removal of the door side panel and the reseating of the glass and with much celebrating found it worked OK and has done since.
Come on you Merc owners give him a hand.....

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