Automatic Car Washes - Godfrey H
What do the backroom members think of automatic car washes?Lack of time,bad weather, and seasonal illness have prevented me washing my car as often as I would like. I normally wash my car by hand and I was thinking that using an automatic car wash might be better than nothing. What are peoples' experiences good/bad?
Re: Automatic Car Washes - RogerL
Cheap car washes always seem to leave fine scratches in the paintwork so I just let the car stay dirty until the weather improves.
Re: Automatic Car Washes - careful driver
yep theyre alright if youre driving a hire car or company car, i wouldnt put one of my own through, they tend to leave scratches, inevitable really since they gather bits of grit etc.

hand held jet wash on the other hand can often be useful to get the thick off, because nothing ever touches the car but water...
Re: Automatic Car Washes - John S
Yes, I'd agree - regular use of car washes with the revolving brushes eventualy results in a network of fine scratches. I'd only use one if I had to. You're probably better off with a jet wash.


Re: Automatic Car Washes - wolf
Get some excercise! get out there with a pair of general household gloves on to stop the hands getting wet/cold.I use halfords advanced car wash formula with a qiuck pre rinse and hotish water.a quick chamois after and paint work is looking good on my 7 year old mondeo.takes 15 mins/saves £3.50 a week
Re: Automatic Car Washes - Mike B
I would think that the most important consideration is to wash off any road salt which gets onto the car as this does the damage. and muck sticks to it which wil then be transferred to the occupants clothes. It won't hurt your car to use an automatic car wash once in a while. you can also get some which wash the underside which has got to be a good thing.
Re: Automatic Car Washes - Keith
I would always recommend washing a car by hand, but like most people I dont always do what I preach and when its bloody cold I'd rather put up with using an auto wash now and again and getting the occasional very fine scratches.

I think they do a really poor job of the wheels and sills etc. and the underside of the boot handle doesnt get washed and you still end up with road dirt all over your hands:(

Ive used an Auto wash for 4 weeks now (since bad weather) and have started to notice the scratches.
Re: Automatic Car Washes - Tomo
Jet wash is best, but I go to the other one for a skoosh underneath.
Re: Automatic Car Washes - Roger K.
You can get a hand wash done for about £4 at some Safeways supermarkets, while you shop.

Personally, I would never use an auto. car wash for fear of damage.
Also, you need to be careful with jet washers--the pressure can remove any less than perfect paint and certainly the early stages of rust.
Re: Automatic Car Washes - Kev
Can permanent 4-wheel drive cars use car washes? The ones ive seen have a moving belt type thing [very vague, sorry] which you drive onto and it pulls you through. Just wondering if this could damage the transmission as 2 wheels would be moving but 2 wouldnt be for a bit.

Intreagued, Kev
Re: Automatic Car Washes - Andy
The paintwork on my previous car was ruined by my regular use of auto washes. It became covered in fine scratches, and all the corners on the body turned dull.
I now wash only by hand.
Re: Automatic Car Washes -- dealing with the scrat - Roger Jones
If your car has suffered from the abrasive effect of automatic washers, you may consider getting a body shop to give it a machine polish. I did that to my now-departed Audi, and its metallic black finish came up sparkling, with even deeper scratches and larger abraded patches eliminated. Shouldn't cost more than £100 and, in my opinion, well worth it if you keep the car for a few years.
Re: Automatic Car Washes -- dealing with the scrat - Tomo
Dark blue cars are a pig for showing scratches.
Re: Automatic Car Washes -- dealing with the scrat - Moosh
Thats why in the trade they are called 'doom blue'
Re: Automatic Car Washes - markymarkn
I recommend triple wax car shampoo - white bottle, green label.

Best shampoo I've ever used and its got 100% extra free on at the moment.

Not that I'd think of using an auto car wash, but with a white car I doubt it'd clean it properly anyway.

The only problem with doing it yourself is willpower! Washed the astra earlier today and its as dirty again as it was before I washed it! Kinda makes you think whats the point...


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