Transit van economy - Piers
I'm using a SWB Transit van to get to S.Wales from Abingdon (south of Oxford). The bridge tolls are going to be £8:70. I can avoid the bridge by going across country - takes longer than going down the M4, not much more miles though (app: 100 v 90). Is the Transit likely to drink £8:70 worth of extra fuel due to the none motorway type road? - it will be unladden on the way. Having not used a big van or diesel much I'm not too sure of the effect on mpg of winding roads and dealing with traffic.

Anyone who uses a Transit regularly on Mway and winding country roads have any suggestions?

Re: Transit van economy - Mark (Brazil)
I shouldn't have thought it will use that much extra fuel, but depending on your driving it will use more. However, the difference between reasonable motorway driving and the other somewhat stop/start route, might be a gallon. Whatever that costs these days.

The other consideration is time. Whether that bothers you or not, it is likely to take quite a bit longer.
Re: Transit van economy - Matt Kelly
As a regular Severn Bridge Toll avoider this is a variation on a conversation I often have with myself. I often drive from Essex to the Forest of Dean so I go down the M4 as far as Swindon & then up the A419/417 to Gloucester rather than straight down the M4, over the old bridge & via Chepstow. If you go along the A40 from Oxford to Gloucester & to Wales from there via Chepstow or Monmouth or whatever then you'll save overall I reckon by not paying the bridge toll.
Re: Transit van economy - markymarkn
What ever route you decide to take, I will say remember to put it in perspective.

I wouldnt think a detor of say twenty minutes or half an hour across possibly dangerous country lanes would be worth the couple of quid save.

Just my thoughts,


Re: Transit van economy - Ian Cook

I hate to kick you in the soft bits even harder - but the bridge tolls for 2002 for your Tranny will be £8.90, not £8.70.

I do the run from S Glos to Newport daily (in a diesel car) and worked out that I'd be better off going via Gloucester and the Forest of Dean - but I don't bother, of course.

If this is a regular journey, how much extra stress will it put on you with the extra time on the road (see also the Selby train crash threads).

Remember - this life is not a dress rehearsal - look after yourself, and keep contributing to the back room

Re: Transit van economy - rg bhaji
This inner debate develops several times a month. This pilot always prefers motorway detours rather than A-road bashes, beacuse:

1/Motorways are safer in terms of accident per mile.

2/Less "cycles" on the engine therefore less wear (start stop, etc).

3/Less likely to meet Top Gear presenter gawping and prattling into a camera coming the other way and crossing the centreline... (VBH is bad for your health)

However, give me back my sprightly ' 97 Mazda 323 go-cart (instead of mature atmo diesel Pug 405), then maybe I'd stay on A-roads all the time just to have fun :)

rg bar-G
Re: Transit van economy - Mike B
you should get 30 - 35 mpg from such a Vehicle so based on this you would be financially better off by avoiding the bridge toll. but as the others rightly point out you are exposing yourself to more danger......
Re: Transit van economy - Alyn Beattie

It depends which part of South Wales you are going. I always use the A40from Oxford then the little B4221 (I think) which takes you on the Newent by-pass straight to the M50. You then have Motorway or dual carrigeway road all the way to the M4 in Newport.
By the way I find going over the Birdlip in order to miss Cheltenham is a worthwhile exersize.

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