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Hi Back Roomers..

As some of you know I have a 1994 (L) Peugeot 306 diesel 3 door. Not having central locking is a pain in the wally wombat! I was considering these aftermarket kits, and wondered...Are they really any good? How easy are they to fit? is it a diy or professional job? Also i have a different key for both driver and passanger door as the car was broken into before i owned it. Would this make any difference? also can it be wired up to lock your boot? or is it just the doors?

Sorry for all the questions

Aftermarket Central Locking kits - blue_haddock
I've seen an aftermarket kit fitted to a Mini years ago - seemed to work OK, wasn't hooked up to the boot but i can't foresee any reason why you couldn't on a 306.

As to DIY or professional fit i guess it all depends on how confident you are taking the doors apart and fitting the required components.

It may be easier for you to find a 306 with central locking in a scrap yard and get all the relavent pieces you need from there.
Aftermarket Central Locking kits - tr7v8
My 7 has C/L from Vision UK (do a google). Works well and integrates with their alarm for remote locking etc. But it was a PITA to fit, partially because the lock on the TR7 is high up on the door and tapers so not much room to move and also because the location was very critical. Was around £ 60 as far as I can remember. Helpful co. as well


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