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Anyone looking for Chips Away franchise? - Andrew Hamilton
Scanning the franchise sites found this resale of an established Chips Away franchise. Now I know nothing really about these car maintenance business but thought established business and fitted out diesel van for £12000. Perhaps something for LAS!

Location Peterborough PE Postcode
Trading 18 Months
Price £12,000
Reason For Sale Ill health
Vehicle Included Toyota Power Van 1.4 Deisel 18 months old, fully fitted includes work bench 11,000 miles
Contact Mr Brian Brown
14 Lyndon Way, Stamford, Lincs. PE9 2RX 01780 751922
Re: Anyone looking for Chips Away franchise? - ladas are slow
if it was a bit closer to newcastle i would be interested.
Re: Anyone looking for Chips Away franchise? - Brian
Depends what your geography's like.
If the daughter of some friends started out from Essex, heading for Bedfordshire and landed up in Surrey, I'm sure we could argue that Newcastle and Stamford are only a stone's throw apart!

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