Interesting article on sand blasting in magazine - Andrew Hamilton
Think it was Classic Motor or something similar. Had not realised how sand blasting had changed. Different ways of doing it and a variety of materials. Noticed they recommended 3HP 14cfm. Sounds a bit expensive! Wondered if anyone was using this to derust steel. As the surface is being impacted, would think it would harden surface up and make it more brittle.
Re: Interesting article on sand blasting in magazi - John Davis
The 3HP and 14 cu ft/m relates to the compressor motor horsepower and the compressed air delivery in cu ft per minute. Yes, these sandblasters have come a long way. At my local breakers yard, a sandblast cabinet can be hired by the hour and it does a splendid job on that rusty component or, at reduced pressure, alloy components.
Re: Interesting article on sand blasting in magazi - Richard Hall
I have been using a portable gritblaster with a 3hp compressor (the biggest that will run on 240v 13 amp) and had excellent results from it. I started by using copperslag abrasive (very coarse) but found that I actually got better results with olivene sand. But I was only removing fairly light surface rust. The compressor cost me £250 mail order, and the blasting kit was about £150 including safety gear. If you are restoring a very rusty car I reckon it is a very good investment, especially as you can also use the compressor for various air tools, paint spraying etc.

Have a look at for more details (and a couple of photos).
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Discovery Home & Leisure is running a series called "A Car is Reborn", restoring an E Type.

Shows how a professional workshop does the blasting & materials used.
Re: Interesting article on sand blasting in magazi - Andrew Hamilton
I went to the bangernomics site and was very impressed in the work you had put in on the car. I doubt I would have had the patience.

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