Mondeo bumper - Neil Spencer
Having just come off worst in an encounter with my gatepost and split the corner of the front bumber of my 98 Mondeo, I was wondering if anyone knows whether it is possible to get such items repaired or will I have to pay the full rip-off price for a new one. If the latter, any ideas as to the cost so I can be prepared for the worst when I visit my local friendly Ford dealer?

Re: Mondeo bumper - MPA
Very expensive! Also Mondeos used to have a tendancy to split rear bumpers - they weren't secured properly and flapped around at speed. When I had a V6 Mondeo I got throught two bumpers in 3 years.
Re: Mondeo bumper - richard price
try one of the SMART repaires SCUFFS is the one i used. type SMART repairs into your search engine and ring around.
Re: Mondeo bumper - Andrew Wills
talking of Ford (cos it owns Jaguar), why would anyone now buy a new, soul-less looking Mondeo when, as this site revealed yesterday, you can get a new, smaller engined X-type for under £20k?

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