Cambelt Question - denty2005
I'm wondering whether to get the cambelt changed on my passat. I was looking through some old receipts for the car (not long before I bought it), and saw one listing the following:

Tension Roller V Belt - £75.00
Drive Belt - 4 pK 850 - £5.00
Timing Belt - £17.00
Labour - £80.00

Are 'timing belt' and cambelt the same thing? If so, I thought they were a lot more expensive than £17.00. So I'm not sure whether this receipt refers to a cambelt change or something else?
Cambelt Question - adverse camber
timing belt / cambelt are one and the same. They dont have to be expensive, but note that you should also change the tensioner which will tend to be not cheap. Not clear on that invoice if the tensioner mentioned is for the cambelt or the auxilliary belt.

Ive just had the belts tensioners done on a volvo v70, off hand the two tensioners (cambelt and pump belt) were 60 and 40, the belts themselves were about 20 something each. the aux belt was 30 ?
Cambelt Question - mfarrow
Timing (cam) belts aren't that expensive, and yes, they are the same thing. Sounds like the tensioner was replaced at the same time, so you should be OK until the next one's due.
Cambelt Question - Badger
It's a 'V belt' tensioner. Does a Passat have a V cambelt? Sounds a little unusual -- aren't cambelts normally flat?
Cambelt Question - Badger
Sorry -- my mistook. Now where are my glasses . . .

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